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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

BFB Vlogburst #4

Reconquista Babes in Texas?
Reconquista dancers in Chicago?
Bank Of America takes one on the chin from patriots nationwide?
America's border: Fact or Fiction?
All this and more in this weeks Vburst!

If you feel inspired to get more involved here are some suggestions:

The Minuteman Project
Save Our State

Not all of us should go to the border.
Not all of us should hold signs at rallies.
But all of us should be involved in any way we can be.
If not you, who?
If not now, when?

This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security and a sane immigration policy. If you'd like to join, click here for instructions.

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23 votes at Real Clear.....

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