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Monday, June 09, 2008

Chinese Illegal Aliens Entering US from Mexico

Bill Smith, Editor ARRA News: Congress and the Administration has failed to secure our borders. Although 90% of the illegal immigrants detained at the U.S.-Mexico border are Mexican, the number of non-Mexicans entering across our borders is increasing. Mexican cartels, "coyotes," or smugglers specializing in crossing the U.S. border are making money sneaking people across our Southern Borders. And wonders, how many illegals are entering via our Northern borders and our Eastern and Western coastal ports. Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador historically are the main sources of immigrants other than Mexico. However, in the first eight months of the Federal fiscal yr (Oct - Sep), 512 Chinese have been caught. Chinese and fellow "other than Mexican" illegal immigrants are processed and released with a date to return for a court hearing. The process was known as "catch and release." Only about one third of those OTMs showed up in court, according to a 2005 report prepared for Congress.

Dan Garcia of the KAUZ News Channel 6 (Texoma, Wichita & Lawton) reported:
Local police are accustomed to dealing with illegal border crossings, but they were astounded by the video of 15 Chinese immigrants unfolding themselves from the back of a red Suburban near this small border town. . . . Two (2) more Chinese immigrants would be picked up nearby later that day and another group of nine was caught near the border about 50 miles away a few days later. . . . The specifics of how any of the Chinese ended up in South Texas are unknown, but the methods and routes have been evolving for more than a century. Most pay on average $55,000 to be shuttled from China to a final U.S. destination by an elaborate smuggling operation. If they get caught, they request asylum and lawyers are often hired by the Chinese smugglers, who will not get full payment unless the immigrants arrive at their destination. . . . Just days before the 17 Chinese were picked up in La Joya, 13 Eritreans and five Ethiopians were caught in nearby Hidalgo. . . . [Read More]

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