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Friday, July 11, 2008

Obama World: No Hablo Ingles is okay

ARRA News Service - After making its way through the conservative websites, Fox News reported today on Barrack Obama chastisement of the majority of Americans who want English to be the sole official language used by government agencies in the United States. These Americans do not object to others learning of a second non-English language as long as it is not mandated by the state. Americans are tired of "Press 1 for English." English is the language of international business, commerce, science, and technology. Other nations learn English, because English is the "universal" language in which things get done. As Bobby Eberle said, "Only in America (an English-speaking country) would left-wing Barack Obama tell Americans that their kids should learn Spanish."

William Gheen, ALIPAC: Obama comments are opposed by approximately 4 out of 5 Americans according to Rasmussen Report polling from last month, which shows 83% place a higher priority on encouraging immigrants to speak English as their primary language. Just 13% take the opposite view and say it is more important for Americans to learn other languages.

Americans are sick and tired of pressing 1 for English and being forced to pay for this liberal corporate social engineering experiment. Immigrants should ingratiate themselves and speak English because English is the language of the United States. The English language and the fact all Americans have shared a native tongue is an essential part of the equation that has made America such a successful nation. Obama is completely out of touch on immigration issues.

Bobby Eberle, GOPUSA: What an absolutely ridiculous speech. We need to make sure our kids can speak Spanish? Why? That is the question. Oh, and I have the answer. It's because the liberals are quite happy seeing millions of illegal aliens pour across our border and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. Rather than solve the problem of illegal immigration by enforcing laws and securing our border (after all, if we did that, liberals would call us racists), the far left would rather Americans simply learn Spanish. That is their solution to the problem.

And it is definitely becoming more and more of a problem. Example... during these very nice summer months, my kids love to go . . . get sandwiches at Subway. Getting the sandwiches, however, has become more and more of an ordeal. In fact, the last time we went, it took forever simply because I couldn't understand the attendant, and the attendant couldn't understand me. I'll have a six-inch ham sandwich on wheat with lettuce and tomato... All I got was a blank stare. I repeated the order, with my daughter looking on. The lady finally grabbed the wheat bread and then selected turkey. No... I said ham. Now, this being a Subway restaurant in AMERICA, one would think that I could place my order in English. Wrong. This must be a Barack Obama Subway restaurant, and the only way to place an order is to do it in Spanish. Hmmm... I guess I should thank Obama for his speech. What he was trying to get across was the idea that we should teach our kids Spanish just so we can order a sandwich at an American restaurant. Thanks Obama for looking out for me!

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