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Friday, September 19, 2008

Lake County Illinois Says Enough to Crimes by Illegal Aliens

ARRA News Service - Jake at Freedom Folks reports that Lake County Sheriff has announced their desire to pursue a 287(g) agreement with the federal government. This will allow Lake County Sheriff’s Police to act as ICE agents when dealing with illegal alien criminals. While deciding whether or not to pursue this agreement, the Sheriff performed an audit of the jail to see just how many illegal aliens they were holding and what crimes they'd committed; results:
DUI — 25
Aggravated DUI — 24
Sex offenses — 22
Drug offenses — 18
Murder — 7
Burglary — 7
Gun offenses — 4
Theft — 3
Home invasion — 3
Robbery — 2
Other offenses — 7
Now these numbers may not seem terribly high but its important to remember that Lake County is a semi-rural area with pretty low crime rates. In fact, according to the Sheriff without illegal aliens the murder rate wold have been cut in half -- illegal aliens accounted for half of all murders in Lake County Illinois.

A complaint by open borders supporters is that set is that Mexicans and Hispanics are being picked on or somehow discriminated against when immigration law is actually enforced. Below are the facts on the origins of foreign born criminals in the Lake County Jail:
Mexico — 105
Poland — 5
Puerto Rico — 4
El Salvador –3
Canada — 2
Honduras — 2
Philippines — 1
Columbia — 1
Vietnam — 1
Pakistan — 1
Guatemala — 1
Cuba — 1
Russia — 1
Germany — 1
Barbados — 1
Seven (7) inmates were unwilling or unable to provide information about their country of origin. The result show that In Lake County, IL, illegals from Mexico account for the magnitude of illegal aliens criminals in their jail.

The Sheriff in pursing participation in the 287(g) program, noted the salutary effect on crime in Prince William County, Va after implementing the 287(g) protocol: 19.3% drop in crimes against persons, 43.8% drop in homicides, 22.5% drop in robberies, 18.2% drop in aggravated assaults, and the deportation of over a 1000 criminal aliens. He also noted that neighboring Fairfax County, VA who did not participate in 287(g) program experienced the inverse in their crime rate rising equivalent to the decrease in Prince William county. . . . [Full Story & video: Lake County Gets On board the 287(g) Express] HOW IS YOUR SHERIFF ADDRESSING YOUR LOCAL ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS & CRIMES?

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