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Monday, November 23, 2009

Rep. Steve King Says Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Will Hurt Economic Recovery

Video: Rep. Steve King Says Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Will Hurt Economic Recovery

Who: Congressman Steve King (R-IA), Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX), Vanderbilt Professor Carol Ann Swain
What: House Immigration Subcommittee Republican Forum
When: Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) Soundbite: Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Will Hurt Economic Recovery:
"Protecting jobs and economic opportunity for Americans is one of the most important topics Congress can discuss. A comprehensive immigration reform bill, like the one being drafted by the Senate, the Obama Administration, and the open borders lobby will not protect American jobs or the aspiration of so many Americans to better their lives. Importing millions of poorly educated foreign workers will hurt our country and hinder our economic recovery."

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) Soundbite: Obama Should Put American Workers Before Illegals:
"Citizens and legal immigrants should not be forced to compete with illegal immigrants for jobs. The Obama Administration should put the interest of American workers ahead of illegal immigrants."

Video: Carol Ann Swain Testimony Soundbite: Amnesty "Sheer Madness":
"Minority advocacy groups have demanded amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants and new guest worker programs that will surely increase the competition that native-born Black and Hispanics already face. This approach to the problem is sheer madness. We need Democrats and Republicans, Members of the Congressional Black and Congressional Hispanic caucuses, to join forces in pressing for the enforcement of existing immigration laws and regulations that are already on the books."

Carol Ann Swain Testimony Soundbite: Enforce Immigration Laws To Provide Jobs To Legal Workers: "Existing immigration laws make it a crime for employers to hire unauthorized workers knowingly. By enforcing existing laws and regulations, we can immediately provide new opportunities to native-born workers without waiting for immigration reform to make its way through Congress. We need a multi-faceted approach to provide incentives for compliance. Such incentives include workplace raids and stiffer sanctions."

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Anonymous Ron Russell said...

Obama feels he owes more to SEIU than to the general public and will act accordingly. The more illegals he can get into the country, the more illegals he can legalize the more members SEIU and other such group will have and the more power he will have. Its not that hard to see where he is coming from. He is a hardened radical and will never move to the center as Bill Clinton did. On this issue he will not compromise or surrender and those who oppose illegal immigration must oppose Obama and those unpatriotic Americans who stand with him. The American Right is the defender of the Constitution for there are no others.

11/24/09, 10:11 PM  

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