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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

POLL: Church Members Care About Low-Paid Workers & Jobless (but Church Leaders Back Businesses)

by Roy Beck, NumbersUSA: Perhaps the most striking results of a massive new Zogby poll show that while their religious leaders mouth the arguments of the Chamber of Commerce for more cheap foreign labor, the vast majority of church and synagogue members show a strong preference for low-wage and jobless Americans.

Most of the largest Christian and Jewish organizations are set next week to begin lobbying Congress vigorously to increase the flow of foreign workers -- especially unskilled ones -- into the U.S. But Zogby found almost no support among the people in the pews for importing more workers.
  • Only 12% of Catholics agree with their bishops that the U.S. needs more foreign workers.
  • Only 10% of mainline Protestants agree with the largest denominations that there aren't enough Americans to fill U.S. jobs.
  • Only 7% of born-again Protestants agree with the National Association of Evangelicals that the U.S. doesn't import enough foreign workers.
  • Only 16% of Jews agree with Jewish group lobbyists that the U.S. needs to give out more foreign work permits.
What Zogby did in its poll of more than 40,000 Americans is ask which opinion best reflected their view about jobs that require relatively little education.
The vast majority of Christians and Jews chose the second opinion: "There are plenty of Americans already here to do these jobs; if employers can't find workers they should pay more and treat workers better."

The tiny percentages listed in the bullet points above chose the first opinion: "We need to allow more immigrants into the country to fill these jobs because there aren't enough Americans willing or able to do them."

This opinion (roundly rejected by Christians and Jews but most strongly argued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) is the one chosen by most of the national religious leaders. This is strange since most of these leaders usually are known for leaning liberal and in favor of workers.

How refreshing, though, to find out that the tens of millions of Americans who attend the services of those religions and provide the offerings to pay the salaries of those pro-labor-importation religious leaders have not lost their moral bearings. The members do not seem to be influenced in any way by the teachings of their national religious leaders that we have a labor shortage in this country.

Only somebody blinded by ideology could during the current Jobs Depression claim that we have a labor shortage. . . . [Read Full Article]

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