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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Lack of Immigration Enforcement Results in Death of Utah Deputy

by TexasFred: Utah deputy shot, killed; suspect sought:
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Police searched a property in Salt Lake City on Tuesday after cordoning off the neighborhood but did not find the suspect in the fatal shooting of a central Utah sheriff’s deputy.

Officers searched a home and other structures and vehicles, including a shed and a trailer, but did not locate Roberto Miramontes Roman, 37.

Officers surrounded the house on the city’s west side after Miramontes Roman’s orange Corvette was found in the neighborhood, where he is believed to have relatives, Utah Highway Patrol spokesman Jeff Nigbur said.

Two schools were closed and another was put on lockdown as police cordoned off the area. In the afternoon they reopened the roads after the search of the property was complete. Police also towed away the Corvette.

Deputy Josie Greathouse Fox, 37, was gunned down around 1 a.m. Tuesday during a traffic stop near Delta, about 130 miles southwest of Salt Lake. Millard County sheriff’s office spokeswoman Lindsay Mitchell said Fox, a five-year veteran, was married with two children. Full Story Here: Utah deputy shot, killed; suspect sought
Now my friends, here is what the MSM has NOT told you, and I am guessing it’s because they consider it to be politically incorrect and possibly look upon it as racial profiling:
Update: Millard Country Sheriff Robert A. Dekker has informed the media that the shooter, Roberto Miramontes Roman, is a Mexican national, has been previously arrested for theft charges and has been previously deported from the United States as an illegal immigrant.
Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Nigbur identified the “prime suspect” sought in the shooting as Roberto Miramontes Roman. He is described as a 37-year-old Latino, 5-foot-7, 130 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Roman is possibly armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, and is considered dangerous. Anyone with information on Roman’s whereabouts is urged to immediately call 911.

“We have information that he’s not going to be taken alive,” Nigbur said.

Roman has a significant criminal history, including drug offenses, and a court-ordered illegal-immigration-related deportation.
Roman has a criminal history beginning in 1992 with a misdemeanor drug distribution charge to which he pleaded guilty in Fillmore’s 4th District Court.

Then in 1996 and 1997, Roman was charged in Millard County with a handful of felonies in two different cases, including drug charges, receiving stolen property and a weapons count.

He resolved the cases by pleading guilty to one count of third-degree felony drug possession and one count of second-degree felony drug possession with intent to distribute. SOURCE: PoliceLink
I only have one real question to ask at this particular time, WHY was this SOB on the streets of our nation? How many *EPIC FAILURES* does it take before the American people take matters into their own hands?

A loving husband has lost his wife. Two children have lost their mother. This nation has lost another Law Enforcement Officer. It didn’t have to happen!

Our lack of IMMIGRATION enforcement is the cause of this tragedy! The failure that IS the policy the USA assumes towards ILLEGAL INVADERS is the cause of this tragedy. The guy has already been deported once, anyone care to venture a guess as to HOW he got back in?

To the family of Deputy Josie Greathouse Fox, our most sincere sympathy, we are sharing in your hurt and loss. Rest in Peace Josie!

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Anonymous Ernie Reiss said...

Prayers and condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of Deputy Josie Greathouse Fox. Rest in Peace, we will take over from here.

I don't even want to give the suspect his moment in the limelight by mentioning his name. Another news account talked of his MySpace account showing him with weapons. The guy is a convicted felon - what is he doing with firearms? Goes to show that the criminals don't abide by the law. That's why they're CRIMINALS!!

The suspect in the murder of the U.S Court Security Officer in Las Vegas on Monday was also committed by a convicted felon with a gun. Where will it all end?

It is my hope that the suspect in Deputy Fox' shooting makes good on the comment that he will not be taken alive. I pray that no more innocent lives are lost in the process.

1/6/10, 3:01 AM  

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