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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CPAC 2010 Exposes Potential Split Over Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

As posted on the The Freedom Medium:
The gathering of conservatives from all walks of life at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference meetings brought to light at least one area where there is still a rift in the Republican agenda.

Former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo pointed out this deficiency, saying that CPAC 2010 failed the conservative movement in the “potent issues” of border security and illegal immigration. Furthermore, Tancredo accused CPAC board member Grover Nordquist of being soft on illegal immigrants.

Nordquist is apparently working closely with what can be called an amnesty plan for illegals. Nordquist is also working on John McCain’s behalf over hardline, anti-illegal immigration supporter J.D. Hayworth.

Illegal immigration must be considered as a threat to national security, and Republicans running for election or re-election in 2010 are foolish to ignore the issue.

Bill Smith, Blogs for Borders Editor: While the issue of borders security was not a primary or even a secondary issue of CPAC this year, I recognize that there are many topics relevant to the largest ever number of Conservatives attending the CPAC event. While in I appreciate Former Representative Tom Tancredo for voicing his concern, I am kind of skeptical of his intent. Tancredo gave up his US House seat in 2008 instead of remaining in the U.S. House helping us on this and other issues. Republican presidential contender Tancredo appeared to basically "take his marbles and go home."

While I have noted Grover Nordquist being somewhat irritating to many at times, he has remained in the game and has therefore has been able to define the parameters of the conservative discussions at least for CPAC.

The writers and readers of this site do NOT and would NOT support any Amnesty efforts be they allegedly by Nordquist, McCain, or any other person. Americans and those in the legal immigration pipeline need jobs. It is time for illegals to go home. However, it will take far more than an "on again - off again" approach by Tancredo for us to accept him as "a voice" representing those who have remained concerned and involved in addressing Border Security and the invasion of the United States by illegal aliens.

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