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Monday, February 22, 2010

Feds helping illegals move cash to Mexico

Jim Kouri, columnist at The Examiner, says the Federal Reserve Bank is working hard to help illegal aliens send money back home.

Kouri claims the Fed's intent is to integrate lawbreaking immigrants into the US banking system. Most such cash transfers are currently conducted using companies like Western Union, bypassing US banks. The Fed's new program, labeled "Directo a Mexico", is said to be designed to lower the costs of such transfers for illegals and concurrently benefit US banks.

In his column, Kouri quotes a Wisconsin banker explaining the benefits to his industry.

"People who didn't have bank accounts establish a relationship with us," said James Maloney, chairman of Mitchell Bank in Milwaukee, one of the first banks to offer the Federal Reserve Bank's remittance scheme, according to the Wall Street Journal, a newspaper that favors using illegal alien workers.

"It's great for our business," said Maloney.

The Examiner columnist points out the new customers of US banks will be required to show only a Matricular Consular card, which he says is known to be easily and often counterfeited. This ID card will qualify an illegal alien to open a bank account so s/he can send money home cheaply and safely.

Doubtless, more customers and more accounts will benefit banks in the US, but Kouri points out the program's obvious (to everyone except the federal government apparently) benefit to drug traffickers.

While on the surface this may appear to be a good idea for banks, it's an idea based on lawbreakers being given assistance in moving their money around. The Mexican drug trafficker will be able to take advantage of this new banking system as much as the illegal worker cleaning toilets.

The program will make it easier for illegal immigrant drug dealers to export their ill-gotten gains to Mexico and other foreign countries. It will also make it easier for illegals already here to stay, it will encourage more to break our laws and cross our border looking for legitimate work, and it will make it easier and more profitable for those who import and sell drugs in the US.

Exactly how does our government sell that as benefiting US citizens?

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