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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Illegal Immigration & Amnesty Issues Takes Center Stage in 2010 Elections!

ALIPAC: Illegal Immigration will be one of the top issues fueling a historic political backlash in the 2010 elections and Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is launching their endorsement campaigns early this cycle with an unprecedented 65 candidates from 17 states in the first wave.

This initial group of endorsed candidates represent incumbents in Congress that ALIPAC has supported in 2006 or 2008 and challengers the organization supported in 2008 that lost by narrow margins. Candidates are selected and endorsed, if ALIPAC's research indicates they are aligned with the popular views of voters on immigration issues as measured by scientific and certified polls archived at alipac. us, which indicate a super majority of Americans support immigration and border enforcement instead of comprehensive path to citizenship amnesty.

ALIPAC has launched candidate endorsement and support efforts earlier in the election year than ever before for three reasons. One, the 2010 elections are expected to help defeat the Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY legislation H.R. 4321 supported by President Obama, Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and 90 Democrats in the House. Two, Republican and Democratic leadership out of DC are working overtime to try and field candidates who support the same Globalist agenda to trap voters and deprive them from a true choice on immigration issues. Three, ALIPAC intends to contribute more funds, send in more volunteers, and promote endorsements online, more than ever before.

"Americans are going to get one last chance to get things right at the ballot box in 2010" said William Gheen. "Many of us have fought hard to stop these nation destroying Amnesty bills to give voters one more chance to get it right. American citizens must rise up and lead the way for a peaceful and historic political revolution in 2010."

ALIPAC is encouraged by the recent victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts where Brown made it very clear he opposed any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens and favored immigration enforcement instead as one of his top issues listed on his campaign website. ALIPAC would like to see many candidates state their opposition to the Obama and Gutierrez supported Amnesty bill HR 4321 in their campaign materials.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a retired California teacher living in Chiang Mai Thailand. I had to get a US passport and a Visa to enter Thailand. The Republican Party has no plan for Legal Immigration. Here is my plan: All illegals must get a Passport from their home country and a Visa to enter the US from a port of Entry. Mexican citizens can obtain a 60 Day Visa for $200 renewable for 30 days and a Muti-entry Visa would allow them to be in the US a maximum of 6 months. After that they would have to leave the country and get a new Visa.
They would have until Dec 30 to do this or face fines and jail time.

2/5/10, 2:20 AM  

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