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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Senate Passes Jobs Bill That Rewards Businesses for Hiring Illegal Aliens

NumbersUSA: The Senate passed legislation that is the first part of a Jobs package aimed at helping America's 15 million unemployed. But the first bill, H.R.2847, will offer tax credits to employers who hire new workers, including illegal aliens. The Senate voted 70-to-28, passing the $15 billion jobs package, including a $13 billion tax incentive for employers who hire new workers. The component of the bill exempts employers from paying payroll taxes if the new hire has been recently unemployed. The bill does not require the employers to use E-Verify, so employers could receive tax incentives for hiring illegal aliens. The bill will head to the House for its approval of the Senate version.

The Senate is expected to begin work on a much larger jobs package next week, and Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Jeff Sessions and seven other Senators have already expressed their desire to include immigration related provisions in that bill.  There's a new fax on the Action Board urging your Senators to protect American workers and legal immigrants who are already here by including provisions such as E-Verify.

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