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Monday, April 05, 2010

AlIPAC Members Asking Congress To Use Census To Deport Illegal Aliens

ALIPAC is asking supporters to initiate tens of thousands of calls to Congressional offices asking for a new law that would allow US Census data to be used to detect, detain, and deport illegal immigrants who fill out the 2010 Census.

"Our Federal government has a Constitutional responsibility to enforce our existing immigration laws and those laws state that it is unlawful to encourage or assist an illegal alien to remain unlawfully in the US," said William Gheen. "Therefore, we are asking Congress to pass new legislation to block the Obama administration's current efforts, which are encouraging illegal aliens to use the American Census to steal more taxpayer resources and diminish representation for legal Americans."

Illegal immigrants are being targeted with taxpayer funded ads in Spanish encouraging them to fill out the Census, so they will get more taxpayer resources and have more political power. It is a felony for illegal aliens to register or vote in elections, thus counting illegal aliens and using their unlawful presence to assign more Congressional seats to states is theft of representation from lawful Americans.

"Multi-million dollar groups like La Raza want illegal aliens counted by the census because they want more political power," said William Gheen. "Americans will not stand for the theft of our nation and this corruption of our laws to the extent that millions of illegal aliens will gain 18 members of Congress, if fully counted and allowed to remain in the US!"

The average congressional district currently has 647,000 people in it using census data. It is estimated there are over 12 million illegal aliens in America. While the representation assigned to illegal aliens filling out the Census will be distributed around the nation, it could equal the power of 18 members of Congress!

If the current Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty legislation in Washington passes, those illegal aliens would become voters giving them massive influence in possibly hundreds of congressional districts.

"Each illegal alien counted by the census without deportation will take away taxpayer resource allocation and congressional representation from one legal American citizen," said William Gheen. "We want Congress to take action now to authorize and require the use of census data collected to identify illegal aliens, exclude them from the census count for tax resources and Congressional redistricting, and to detain and deport those found in violation of our immigration laws."

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