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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What the open borders crowd really thinks

Dr. Bill Smith, Editor: The following article by Peter Wilson shows how some radical nut case professors are indoctrinating students and influencing others. They advocate that you give up everything you have to the rest of the world. My ancestors legally immigrated to the United States passing through Ellis Island. They came with almost nothing. However, the richness and the bounty of American combined with the rights and freedoms guaranteed to legal citizens under the U.S. Constitution offered them opportunities if they followed the Nation's and God's laws. Many of them eventually settled into Appalachia and became coal miners. They worked hard and they and their descendants do not owe anything to the rest of the world (other countries) or to those who come here illegally and violate our laws. Note the previous article by Michelle Malkin on "How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens."
by Peter Wilson, American Thinker: The Arizona immigration law prompted Seth Minkoff of Somerville, a professor at UMass Boston, to write a letter to the Boston Globe, titled Illegal' immigrants have moral claim on US citizenship rights:
...some of us also feel that the fundamental aim of this law - enforcement of federal immigration regulations - is immoral.

A great many undocumented immigrants come here from countries that the United States has systematically devastated for generations by overthrowing democracy (as in Guatemala), sponsoring dictatorship and state terror (Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Haiti), and invading and annexing territory (Mexico). Actions such as these have helped the United States to control a grossly outsized share of world resources.

Until the US share of world resources is proportional to its population, so-called illegal immigrants will have a moral claim second to none on the rights of US citizenship. Arizona's new law, like the federal laws it seeks to enforce, is an assault on people's basic right to feed and clothe their families - in other words, on their right to access their fair share of the planet's wealth, the patrimony of humanity.
I have heard of open borders advocates, but I didn't realize how radical the concept is. We owe reparations to Central America? How exactly did overthrowing democracy in Guatemala make us rich? Annexing territory? Settlers from England fought with settlers from Spain over territory in the southwest. We won. We even paid for some of it (see Gadsden Purchase).

The planet's wealth is the patrimony of humanity? In other words, private property is theft.

"Until the US share of world resources is proportional to its population"? Does this mean that once we have redistributed American wealth on a global scale, making everyone equally poor, we can then limit immigration? The brilliance of the scheme is that at this point, there's no reason to immigrate to the United States.

Minkoff describes immigration laws as an "assault. His dream of global redistribution is an assault on the generations of Americans whose hard work created our great wealth.

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Blogger Linda said...

Worse, once the wealth of the world is re-distributed, do we have to keep on doing that, once the wealth starts consolidating again.

Because, you know, it will. The lotteries have proven that - you can give a poor person money, but, if they have not also changed their thinking, they'll be headed right back to poverty as soon as they can.

4/30/10, 8:24 AM  

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