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Sunday, May 09, 2010

L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

StandWithArizona - Take a look at this video: "Where we now stand is stolen, occupied Mexico"...La Raza rally at UCLA....More gems: 'Communist Revolution', 'Frail, racist white people', 'La Raza' (the Race), Fidel Castro, 'Northern Front of Latin Revolution'..."40 the belly of the beast". "Our enemy is Capitalism and Imperialism". Sedition anyone?

Sanchee H.S. history teacher Ron Gochez, La Raza Rally at UCLA. Ron Gochez is NOT a professor at UCLA. Gochez is currently a HISTORY teacher at Santee H.S. in Los Angeles.

We are revolutionary Mexican organization here. We understand that this is not just about Mexico. Its about a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism At the forefront of this revolutionary movement is La Raza. We will no longer fall for these lies called borders. We see America as a northern front of a revolutionary movement Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism.

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Anonymous Robb said...

This is disgusting! This venomous racist angry thug, installing this racist, dangerous mindset on the youth.. Or shall I say; "future revolutionaries" that are laying in wait in the "belly of the beast?"

I recently published a podcast and played this audio clip. I wonder what the faculty have to say about his membership in this "fun loving group? "

5/10/10, 4:02 AM  

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