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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obama Ignores Oil Spill & US Border Invasion While "Fiddling Around" & Pushing Climate Change Bill

Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA news Service: It used to be many people but now it is "most people" who are wondering where the President Obama's head and heart is these days. It doesn't appear to the majority of Americans that he values "down to earth" good old America - our country. Yesterday, we note another example of Obama's lack of focus on what really matters:
ABC News' Matthew Jaffe reported: In the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama today summoned a bipartisan group of over 20 senators to the White House to push for energy and climate change legislation.

But one thing the President did not want to talk about at the meeting was the BP disaster, a Republican source told ABC News. And that, the source said, led to a pointed exchange with GOP senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee.

"The priority should be fixing the oil spill," Alexander told the President, according to the source. “That's what any meeting about energy should be about.”

But when Alexander tried to interject the BP leak into the meeting, the source said, the President told the senator, "That's just your talking point." Retorted Alexander, "No, it's my opinion." . . . [Full Story]
Arrogance abounds in the White House. American is suffering while President Obama "Fiddles Around" in the White House, on the golf course, or jetting around the globe trying to impress global dignitaries, and constantly campaigning. Wonder when he will ever visit the US Border with Mexico! We are under armed attack. People are being murdered and raped by invaders on American soil. I never thought I would find my self saying anything good about disgraced former president Jimmy Carter. But here goes: At least Carter showed some good old Southern grace while screwing over America.

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Anonymous Roger W Lavigne said...

Maybe if we take over both the house and the senate in the fall we can impeach him. It's beyond me how anyone could ever had voted for him. It's more than his incompetence It's where he's trying to take our Country. I will take years to cure the damage he's done.

7/18/10, 12:20 AM  
Anonymous AnnaMarie Sanderson said...

Spread the word! Need everyone to go to CNN. scroll middway down the page and on the right hand side is a poll. Vote NO to amnesty for the criminal illegal aliens.

7/18/10, 12:20 AM  
Anonymous Roger W Lavigne said...

Done. Eveyone please post when you taken the poll!

7/18/10, 12:21 AM  
Blogger Bill Smith said...

AnnaMarie, Forgot to mention, thank you for identifying the poll!

7/18/10, 12:22 AM  

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