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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Texas Grassroots Speaks Out on Illegal Immigration

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: Oklahoma led the way in addressing illegal immigration and has built a literal virtual legislative fence around Oklahoma. Then other states awakened to an influx of illegals moving from Oklahoma. For example, Arkansas public school enrollment jumped as illegals fled Oklahoma to Arkansas where Arkansas' former Gov. Mike Huckabee had negotiated and agreement with Mexico to establish a Mexican Consulate. This relationship with Mexico has been continued by Governor Mike Beebe.

Arkansas legislators have failed to stop the run-away costs / spending associated with illegals in Arkansas except for stopping in-state college tuition for illegal aliens. These run-away costs motivated several citizens to call themselves Secure Arkansas and to make an effort in the prior election cycle to get a law on the ballot to force the legislature to address the funding of benefits for illegal immigration in Arkansas. But, delays by the Democratic Attorney General resulted in insufficient time to secure needed signatures to make it on the ballot. Regardless, this situation energized the grassroots to formalize Secure Arkansas into a vocal non-partisan organization to address illegal immigrations and other actions needed to secure and protect legal Arkansas citizens. Presently, Secure Arkansas is pursuing signatures for a new ballot initiative which if passed by the voters would amend the Arkansas Constitution to stop the use of State funds to support individuals who were not lawful residents. If successful, this will be the beginning of an Arkansas virtual fence.

In recent months, we have watched Arizona take action to address and to enforce action regarding lawfully detained individuals who are in Arizona (and thus the United States) illegally. It is already estimated that over 100,000 illegals have fled Arizona for other states - like Texas, Arkansas, Nevada and California - and the new law has not even gone into into effect.

Now we learn of efforts in Texas at least within the grassroots of the Republican Party to address illegal immigration. While these efforts are political and do not signal changes in Austin, they do signal that conservative people are upset and expect change. The Texas Republicans Party is not against legal immigration. But, it is now evident that a majority of non-politicians (the grassroots) understand the devastation being created by the Federal Government in not securing our U.S. borders. The Federal Government is are allowing our country to be invaded by terrorists, criminals and thugs. They are hidden among masses of people fleeing Southern regimes who do not allow for the same freedoms in our country. Illegals are consuming the wealth of America and trespassing on lawful citizen's property rights, jobs, benefits, lives and more. And some of these illegals are willfully seeking to disrupt, attack and destroy America.

From Fox News report - "At Convention, Texas GOP Passes Immigration Plank Similar to Arizona Law":
Fired-up Republican activists in no mood for compromises threw out their party chairwoman Saturday, then bucked Texas Gov. Rick Perry by pushing for a crackdown on illegal immigration similar to Arizona's new law.

Some delegates at the Republican state convention also called for a nonbinding resolution calling on House Republicans to oust their own speaker, Rep. Joe Straus of San Antonio, considered too moderate for many of the bedrock conservatives meeting in Dallas this weekend. Convention organizers ruled the Straus resolution out of order. . . .

The Republican Party platform is a blueprint of the policies that GOP activists want elected officials to pursue. Delegates voted to include a plank advocating for a state law that would bar illegal immigrants from "intentionally or knowingly" living in Texas. Similar to Arizona's strict law that has sparked nationwide debate, the proposal would require local police to verify U.S. residency when making arrests. . . .
At least the members of the Texas Republican Party are sending a simple message to their politicians starting with Governor Perry. The politicians in Austin would do well to remember the quote: "There they go; I must hasten after them for I am their leader." Either that or their days are numbered.

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Blogger southernsara said...

Thank you for mentioning Secure Arkansas! We are putting together a state-wide petition drive for Tuesday, June 22nd, called Unify 75 (there are 75 counties in AR, and our goal is to have at least one location in each county). Folks can visit for a continually-updated list of locations and to let us know if they can man a spot near them.

6/15/10, 11:58 AM  

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