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Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Outside of the Box: Fighting Illegal Immigration from all Angles

First, I'd like to thank the Blogs For Border's team for inviting me to post here at Blogs for Borders. It's an honor, and I hope to be a regular contributor.

Occasionally, ideas pop into my head. These are usually ideas that either don’t exactly fit at the Conservative Hideout. Here are two of those ideas…

Idea 1: A protest against Mexico and Illegal Immigration.

Most of us know, sadly, that every year, illegal immigrants kill thousands of Americans. However, the government does not keep statistics on it, and the MSM refuses to report it. The Mexican government supports it due to the income sent back to there. A concerned group, however, might be able to raise awareness of this with some well-orchestrated protests.

We know that American citizens are being killed by illegals. We also know the identity of these victims. Media reports and court documents can confirm that. The idea is this: several dozen people buy white t-shirts. They can make an “iron on.” with the name of a victim, and “Killed by illegal immigration.” (Most printers can make an iron-on) Each person should use the name of a different victim. Then, they can gather at a location that is sure to be noticed. I would suggest the Mexican Embassy or a Consulate. The protesters then can lie down on the sidewalk to represent that illegal immigration has a human toll.

Some other details: All care should be taken to make sure that the name of the victim is accurate and the case is solid. Also, the media should be invited. Since the media likely won’t show up, several people should record it and make sure that it ends up on YouTube.

Some will think that this is insensitive to the families of the victims. My only answer is to say that the fact that these people were killed by illegal immigration, and the deaths were therefore preventable, is far more offensive than simply mentioning it.

This idea has other applications as well. An pro-illegal immigration rally can be counter-protested in a similar manner. People can put the names and message on signs and counter protest quite effectively. Anything that illegals or their allies do or say against it is directly insensitive to the fact that people are dying. Of course, they don’t care that Americans are dying; all they want is their amnesty. It can therefore be asked, “How many deaths are enough?”

Idea 2: Civil Liability

We have heard of groups that openly assist illegal immigrants in entering this country. There are others that warn illegals of immigration raids. Still others provide support to illegals, allowing them to stay in our country and access public services. In aiding the illegals in entering and staying in this country, are they assuming some civil liability? If one of the illegals that they helped commits a property crime, or kills someone, could the group that helped them be held liable? If there are lawyers among the readers here, kindly let me know.

I mention these things because we can’t expect this administration to help us. Come to think of it, the GOP doesn't exactly have a great track record on it either. We also can’t expect the “fourth estate” to provide the people with any actual information on the topic. It’s up to us, and we should explore using any legal and ethical means to expose and punish the crime, as well as those that help facilitate it.

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