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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ignoring Hezbollah Threat At Mexican Border Could Be Obama’s Last Misstep

By Dean Chambers: Congresswomen Sue Myrick (R-NC) and others have warned that Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah is sending agents to the Mexican border. In cooperation with elements from Venezuela, the Hezbollah agents are learning Spanish and training Mexicans to work with them in smuggling terrorism across the border. Unless the border is secured, it’s only a matter of time before a Hezbollah terrorist attack on US soil takes place.

Neither I nor anyone I know would want to see another terrorist attack on our soil nor see it become a game of political football for either side. But if Obama continue to hold securing the border hostage to his desire to get Congress to pass amnesty, he will have to be held accountable if Hezbollah stages a terrorist attack on our soil by getting the means to do such through the Mexican border. Additionally, Mexico by not doing enough to eradicate agents of Hezbollah from their country should also be held accountable if such an attack occurs.

Securing the borders is a basic function of any government and when those borders can be penetrated by enemies from around the border, failing to secure the borders is failing the government’s most important function, that of assuring our national security.

If President Obama’s policies lead to such a failure of national security and a terrorist attack on our soil, don’t be surprised to see almost immediate bipartisan calls for impeachment. They would be right in such calls and the president would have no choice but to resign in shame for not having done his job. The most absolute worst president in American history will have ensured that as his legacy. It would be a well-deserved legacy.
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