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Monday, July 12, 2010

Illegal Immigration and the Catholic Church

TOTUS - Arizona has just passed one of the nations strongest illegal immigrant laws. This coming as the violence south of the border is beginning to spill over into that state. Recently the murder of an Arizona rancher by a suspected illegal immigrant thought to be connected to the drug smuggling cartels highlighted this encroaching violence. All of this comes against the backdrop of increasing demands on that states social services caused by the 500,000 or so illegals there and the refusal of the federal government to do little. As usual the Catholic Church is showing its disconnect from the vast majority of Americans by siding with those in this country illegally. No wonder the church's numbers are dropping dramatically in this nation. The Los Angeles archdiocese and Cardinal Mahony are totally out-of-bounds when they compare supporters of this law to Nazis and Soviet-style communist. If the church continues down this path it will find its support and patronage shrinking even more.

Let us face a simple fact, although many come here to work, many also come here to obtain the free handouts or for criminal purposes and sadly those who cross the border of find an honest days work quickly find out that work is no longer necessary in this country in order to put food on the table and quickly find their way to the welfare rolls. We can no longer allow millions of illegals to come into our country. We find ourselves unable to maintain services for those Americans who are here legally. To continue the madness of an open border is just insanity! An insanity we can no longer afford. Seal the border, round up the illegals, and cleanse the welfare rolls of these free-loaders once and for all.

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