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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Liberation Theology Moves to the Border

The far left Presbyterian (PCUSA) has joined the Arizona Boycott and refuses "to hold national meetings in Arizona and any states that adopt strict immigration laws such as Arizona's new Senate Bill 1070." . . .

The PCUSA, which is on it's last legs as a viable mainline denomination, has given itself over to the open pandering of all so-called "marginalized" groups, and to heretical leftist theology in an attempt to bolster it's sagging membership rolls. . . .

But there is hope!!! Houston Religious Leaders Support Arizona with the God Bless Arizona tour. Read more at FaultlineUSA

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Anonymous Mike Landfair said...

The "boycott AZ" people are sure bucking the mainstream on this issue.

7/14/10, 11:38 AM  

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