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Monday, July 05, 2010

Militarize the US Borders NOW!

by Steven M. Nielson, The Liberty Republican: The United States is fighting in two shooting wars, actively deployed in countless hot zones, and on stand-by alert in greater regions around the world... in EACH AND EVERY CASE around the world, the United States is actively ensuring control of population movement across borders of these many countries... be they between the Koreas, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iraq and Iran (and Jordan and Syria)... You name it, and I bet you will find that the United States is actively involved in border security of a number of foreign countries. However, the United States Government refuses to provide the same enforcement along our OWN borders, though specifically I am referring to our Mexican/US border.

FOXNews is reporting that 3500 acres of national Wildlife refuge in Arizona, along the Mexican Border, is now being officially closed to US Civilians due to extreme paramilitary violence from Mexican drug traffickers. Obama's White house is silent. There is US territory that is under siege by foreign nationals and the US Government's response is to close down the area to avoid conflict with the violators... Here Lies the United States!

If the US Government will not call to action, Arizona should call in requests for an all volunteer militia to work as members of the state national guard (not for foreign deployment by the Feds, but for ACTUAL homeland defense)... This group should move into and secure the territory at all costs.

Arizona is under attack. The battle has begun... and the Obama administration ignores... The US Government is no longer willing or capable of protecting the people of this nation. Time to file for divorce... this relationship is plagued with irreconcilable differences!

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