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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nine States File Legal Briefs Declaring Support of Arizona Constitutional Authority

H/T New Patriot Journal - By DAVID RUNK - reprinted in part from Yahoo! News DETROIT – States have the authority to enforce immigration laws and protect their borders, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox said Wednesday in a legal brief on behalf of nine states supporting Arizona's immigration law.

Cox, one of five Republicans running for Michigan governor, said Michigan is the lead state backing Arizona in federal court and is joined by Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and Virginia, as well as the Northern Mariana Islands.

The Arizona law, set to take effect July 29, directs officers to question people about their immigration status during the enforcement of other laws such as traffic stops and if there's a reasonable suspicion they're in the U.S. illegally.
President Barack Obama's administration recently filed suit in federal court to block it, arguing immigration is a federal issue. The law's backers say Congress isn't doing anything meaningful about illegal immigration, so it's the state's duty to step up.

"Arizona, Michigan and every other state have the authority to enforce immigration laws, and it is appalling to see President Obama use taxpayer dollars to stop a state's efforts to protect its own borders," Cox said in a statement.
Arizona's Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, in a statement released by Cox's office, said she was thankful for the support.

In a telephone interview, Cox said the nine states supporting Arizona represents "a lot of states," considering it was only Monday that he asked other state attorneys general to join him. The brief was filed in U.S. District Court in Arizona on the same day as the deadline for such filings.

"By lawsuit, rather than by legislation, the federal government seeks to negate this preexisting power of the states to verify a person's immigration status and similarly seeks to reject the assistance that the states can lawfully provide to the Federal government," the brief states... read more HERE.

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Anonymous BJ Brown, said...

Below is a Letter to Editor that I recently wrote for my local paper and is related to the the Arizona law:
Illegal immigrants are literally draining the resources of our country. Arizona passed a law, which will go into effect July 29, 2010, whereby anyone who is suspected of committing a crime can be asked for identification. This will prove whether or not the suspect is a resident of the United States. President Zero is having his Department of Justice file a suit to block Arizona's law.We all have to show identification when we go to the DMV, check in at a local hospital, pick up a prescription or, in my case, go to the VA for treatment.

The Supreme Court has already recognized that states may enact legislation to discourage illegal immigration within their jurisdictions. The mere fact that a state law concerns illegal immigration or affects immigration in some way does not render it pre-empted. (De Canas v. Bica, Supreme Court, 1976).

If illegal immigrants (some call them illegal democrats) were overrunning Baxter County as they are the state of Arizona I would hope our legislators would do whatever is necessary to quell the problem. I would certainly do what I had to do to protect my personal property!

7/17/10, 9:42 PM  

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