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Thursday, July 29, 2010

United Border Coalition Tea Party Rally

We are excited to Announce:

United We Stand For Americans and The Patriot Caucus will be hosting our first

Arizona Border Tea Party Rally as the "
United Border Coalition."  This Tea Party Rally is to show support for Arizona, and it’s rights to enforce the Immigration Laws that the Federal Government won’t!

SB1070 is a common sense law passed by the Arizona legislature that enables the state to enforce federal law on illegal immigration.

The border rally is being planned to support Arizona state as well as Arizona’s rights to pass and enforce SB1070.

The United Border Coalition Tea Party will be held on the AZ border on August 15th 2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. The rally location to be disclosed on and The Patriot Caucus over the next few days.

We are inviting everyone who wishes to support Arizona, and SB1070 to attend in person or online. There is no cost to attend either.
This Border Tea Party Rally will be broadcast live on and all Production Sites.
We are currently negotiating to have local and, or national news coverage as well.

United Border Coalition Tea Party Participants and or Sponsors.

We have had many replies for sponsorship/participation and are currently responding as fast as possible.

Grassroots Interviews
Round Table Politics
JBYP Radio

Tenth Ammendment Center
AZ Patriot Caucus
The-912-Project Fan Site
Confirmed Speakers: We have had many replies for 10 minute speaking spots. We are currently corresponding to all requests as fast as possible.
J.D. Hayworth
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Nancy Huzar
Rachel Alexander
James Allen

Keith Sipmann
Marcus Kelly
Possible Speakers: Chuck Norris, AZ State Senator Russel Pearce, Marco Rubio, Dean Martin, Andrew Thomas, Iowa Congressman Steve King.

This is a list of what we already have or can possibly obtain for this rally.
1. Location: We have procured a secure location on the border to hold this Tea Party Rally.
(For security purposes, the location will not be immediately revealed. We can say that we have secured a large scale ranch on the Arizona/Mexico border).
The ranch is about a two and a half hour drive from Phoenix.
We advise that you make your travel plans for an early morning drive to the location on the 15th of August.
2. Security: American Border Patrol has graciously agreed to attend the event.
3. Equipment: We have already obtained the stage and PA equipment.
4. Refreshments: Beverages and food will be available for sale by vendors.
5. RV hookups: RV hookups will be available on a first come first serve basis.
6. Helicopter: Possible helicopter rides pending permit approval.
7. Balloon Rides: Possible hot air balloon rides pending permit approval.

This is a list of key items that are still needed.
1. RVs: We need to rent or have donated RVs for the day to offer cool off and refresher spots for people attending. It would be a big plus if we can get them equipped with satellite Internet!
Porta Potties:
We need to rent or have donated at least 20-30 porta potties minimum for this event.
3. Donations: to make available all United Border Coalition printed materials and merchandise.

More details about participating organizations and guest speakers will be released over the next several days as we receive invitation replies.
Help with Advertising: We are asking for people to share this post to help us advertise this event through Email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.
Here is Direct link to our Ustream show page:
If you want to participate or support our efforts for this event please contact us at

We are looking for more sponsors and participants for this event.
All Tea Party related groups, candidates, and supportive individuals from across America are welcome to attend or sponsor this Border Tea Party Event.
Entertainers: If you are an entertainer and would like to perform at this event please contact us at

The Federal Government has ignored, disregarded, turned a blind eye, and otherwise acted as though this invasion isn’t happening. Arizona is tired of it!
While California and Texas have a great fence to keep Citizens safe and illegals out, Arizona bears the burden and cost of all these illegals. The promised border fence doesn’t exist here.

Arizonans are entirely sick of the garbage, vandalism, lack of respect for property, our Citizen’s rights to feel safe and secure in their homes and possessions for which the Constitution guarantees us but which the federal government utterly ignores.

We certainly gave the feds every opportunity in the past 10 years to enforce federal laws before doing anything for ourselves. Ignoring this situation hasn’t made it go away. What happened to all that money supposed to go to build an impenetrable fence across the border? It certainly wasn’t used in Arizona!
Update: U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has blocked the key provisions of SB 1070!!

We must stand up for Arizona Now before it’s too late!
The invasion of the Arizona border from illegal immigrants has hastened with the Obama administration attempting to sue Arizona and talking about granting Amnesty to millions of illegals in America.

Help us to support Arizona in their fight to secure it’s borders from invasion.

Please share this link » United Border Coalition « with all your friends! Below are a few ads that you can use to help us promote this Rally.

Simply copy the code under each banner and paste into your website.

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you will find yourself on the wrong side of history years down the road. racists

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