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Monday, August 16, 2010

DHS Released 481 Illegals from States of Terror & Countries of Interest

by Rich Hilts (Dr Scoundrels): According to the oaths of office taken by almost any government official that is sworn in, these people are supposed to be defending us from enemies foreign and domestic.

According to CNS News*, this isn’t even remotely happening. 481 people are now fugitives from countries that are either state sponsors of terrorism or countries of interest.

These are people that, now get this, WERE IN CUSTODY. These are people that are now fugitives in THIS COUNTRY because the ICE people don’t have enough beds for the people being processed through the system.  What in the world is going on?

Are you telling me that these people who are supposed to be on the other side of the border are being routed through a system that, according to officials, have only 32,000 beds in the entire country? They KNOW they have a problem. They KNOW there are millions of illegals of every race, religion, size, age and gender. This isn’t a Mexican problem. This is a problem.

The Mexicans and the people trading on those poor unfortunates for political gain don’t want it to be stated this way, but it’s true. Americans don’t hate illegals, they don’t hate Mexicans. They just want them on the other side of the border.

This is a fiscal issue. This is an issue where people who are supposed to be on this side of the border are not getting the help or the volume of the help they should due to the drain from the illegals.

This is a security issue.
The total number of active fugitive cases involving citizens from the four state sponsors and the 10 countries of interest include:
Saudi Arabia-2
This is an issue of people who are dangerous, from enemies of this nation and known criminals being released into our general population with no sentence, punishment, rehabilitation and no effort to track them.
I am declaring that this leadership is criminally negligent. Any deaths resulting from these releases should be laid at the feet of these leaders.

Any leader who comes out and distances themselves from the administration and the disastrous attack on national security from the inside can not only help us know what is going on, maybe make a difference, but also clear their name before the worst occurs.

The fact of the matter is, while we have an incompetent Secretary of Defense shutting down bases and hampering our defense on one side, we have an administration that is, in our opinion, encouraging another attack from the inside of our own nation by looking the other way in such an aggressive manner.

This isn’t just bad policy. Frankly this is behavior that if people should die from one of these fugitives, the people who made the choices to not only look the other way but encouraged officers to do so and put leaders in charge to ensure the looking the other way attitude is enforced should be tried for any and all deaths as accomplices.

People all around the country have asked for something to be done. This administration has not only done NOTHING, but they have done it while trying to fool people by sending 1200 National Guard troops to the border to do admin work instead of doing the right thing and protecting us.

Mr. President? Ms. Napolitano? There are thousands of warehouses you could spend some of the stimulus money to rent and house these illegals under guard until they could be shipped out. Put some old army cots, a couple of field kitchens, some big fans due to the heat and men with guns in the warehouses and speed up the deportation instead of trying to figure out how to get 12 million more votes at the cost of the people you are supposed to be taking care of.

Quit spending every dime we have on enslaving people to the government through handouts, especially to non citizens, quit cutting the one thing the Constitution calls for you to do (have a strong national defense) and build the damn wall to keep the people out. But you can’t just manage to do the right thing can you? Not when you think there’s power to be had.

Shame on you for endangering the children and families of good American citizens.
Maybe you don’t care about them as long as you have that office in DC.  When the next catastrophe hits in this country because you’ve just looked the other way, that blood will be hard to wash off your hands.

* – EXCLUSIVE: DHS Caught and Released 481 ‘Fugitive’ Illegals from State Sponsors of Terror and ‘Countries of Interest’.

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