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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mexican woman granted asylum for domestic abuse

The TexasFred Blog Reports:
SAN FRANCISCO — A Mexican woman who claimed she was beaten and raped for decades by her common-law husband has won the right to stay in the United States in a case that experts say makes clear that domestic violence is valid grounds for asylum.

The Department of Homeland Security found that the case of the woman known only as L.R. met the stringent standard necessary to win asylum. An immigration judge found in her favor on Aug. 4, and the decision was announced this week by her attorneys.

“The point has been made, very loud and clear, that cases such as these involving domestic violence, and even more broadly, gender-based violence against women, are valid cases,” said Karen Musalo, L.R.’s attorney and the head of Hastings Law School’s Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at the University of California. The name of the applicant was withheld to protect her privacy.

What makes this case remarkable is that traditionally asylum has been given to individuals being persecuted by a government; applicants had to show they suffered persecution because of their religion, political beliefs, race, nationality or membership in a particular social group.

Full Story Here: Mexican woman granted asylum for domestic abuse
TexasFred Comments:  I sincerely hope an appeals court overturns this ridiculous decision. It is an affront to ALL that have legitimately sought and been granted asylum.

I sympathize with her claims that she was beaten and raped for decades by her common-law husband, that’s a bad situation, it really is, but if we start granting asylum to ALL that are the victims of domestic abuse world wide, our nation will never sustain the influx of even more migrants.
Asylum because of DOMESTIC ABUSE? Seriously?
Cases such as L.R.’s increase the scope of who may qualify for asylum by expanding the definition of “particular social group.” Women who have suffered genital mutilation, or in L.R.’s case, domestic abuse, have been recently deemed “social groups” and granted asylum.
Aren’t these issues that need to be addressed by the authorities in the nation(s) these women live in? Are we going to take in every person in the world that has been abused?

We can’t solve the ills of the world, we can’t, if recent happenings are any indication, solve the ills of our own nation.

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