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Monday, August 02, 2010

Obama's Amnesty Memo: Arrogance Run Amok

We've seen example after example since Barack Obama took office of his "king" complex. We have the golf outings while America is at war... a practice that George W. Bush suspended. Then, Obama chose to chat on "The View" rather than attend the Boy Scouts' 100th anniversary celebration. And, of course, we've seen him push through legislation that the country does not want, simply because he wants to advance his own socialist agenda. Now, we see that his quest to ensure his reelection and a Democrat majority knows no limits. In the face of growing support for Arizona's illegal immigration law and America's opposition to amnesty, Obama is looking for ways to bypass Congress and grant amnesty himself. ++ Read More

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Blogger Satori said...

Obama has ostensibly already bypassed Congress, being a member of the Bilderberg group (along with the First Lady, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and nearly all of Obama's appointees), and has since been bypassed himself. He is a shill for the overseas consortium of bankers, just as W. was. This is why he's been following the same agendas, even building upon them. Read your Alex Jones please. =)

8/3/10, 11:44 AM  

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