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Friday, October 08, 2010

Crime, Rape Trees, The Dream Act, and Silence

The recent effort to throw the Dream Act into a defense spending bill made me think of a few things. Namely, the crimes committed by illegals, as well as the relative silence of the left.

To illustrate, let's take a look at some more crimes committed by illegals. I saw the first video at Randy's Roundtable. It was made by Duane Lester at the All American Blogger.

Then, I took a look at rape trees.

Now, it's my understanding that some folks say that the whole rape tree thing isn't happening. However, Amnesty International is discussing it.

That brings me to two groups, one large and well known, and another that is not so well known. The first is the feminists. A quick look at the NOW website says nothing about rape trees...nothing at all. It seems that if something might hurt the left, it can be ignored. However, if they could use it against the right, they'd be screaming in the streets. Ironic, isn't it? The second are the folks that are advocating for the Dream Act, I had a brief run in with them a few months ago, when some of them had a protest at John McCain's office. I wonder what they'd have to say about all the rapes, murders, and other crimes committed by their fellow illegals? I wonder what they would say to the victims (or the surviving family members) of those crimes? Actually, I asked them that, but they declined to answer. They still won't say anything meaningful, I'd bet. They're too busy making demands of us, while conveniently disregarding our laws. I have no choice but to assume that as long as they get what they want, all the deaths and rapes are well worth it.

That might sound harsh, but getting killed, or having a loved one robbed, raped, or murdered is far more sadistic than any of my words. The fact is this, people are being robbed, raped, traumatized, or murdered by illegal aliens. Since our government refuses to keep or disclose statistics on it, all we have are estimates, all of which run into the thousands per year.

The sad thing is this; I would support immigration reform that makes it easier and quicker to gain legal entry into the country. It is well known that the process is long and overly complicated. But if there is a way to properly vet all people entering, and allows people to come in that will work and join our society, I would welcome it. Most illegals are people that want to work. I have no problem with folks coming here wanting opportunity. My ancestors came here, legally, of course, for the exact same reasons. My problem is with people that blatantly ignore our laws, and then have the nerve to make demands of us, especially when so many people that are here legally, or are natural born, are being victimized.

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