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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Georgia & California Take on Illegal Aliens Attending State Universities

email imageGeorgia Debates Barring Illegal Aliens from Attending State Universities - A special committee formed by the Georgia Board of Regents, the body of Georgia’s state government that oversees the University of Georgia system, recommended last week that illegal aliens be prohibited from attending the state’s publicly funded colleges and universities. The committee also recommended that all Georgia colleges and universities verify whether admitted students seeking in-state tuition are in the country legally (illegal aliens are not eligible for in-state tuition in Georgia). The recommendation arose following increasing concerns over the costs of illegal aliens residing in the state. Read the full article

email imageGovernor Schwarzenegger Vetoes California DREAM Act - On the last day of September, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the California DREAM Act of 2010. The California Legislature sent the legislation to the Governor August 31, after both the Assembly and Senate passed SB 1460 and AB 1413 (collectively referred to as the DREAM Act). Together, the bills expanded the pool of illegal aliens who would be eligible for in-state tuition and provided that illegal alien students would also be eligible for certain education grants and benefits. (SB 1460 § 4; AB 1413 § 1(c)) Pursuant to state statute, illegal aliens in California are already eligible for in-state tuition, despite the fact that federal law prohibits any state from granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens unless the state also grants it to every citizen in the U.S., regardless of residence. (California Education Code § 68130.5) In his veto message, Governor Schwarzenegger stated: “given the precarious fiscal situation that the state faces, it would not be practical to adopt a new policy that could limit the financial aid available to students that are in California legally, in order to provide that benefit to those students who are not.” Read the full article

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