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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GM Roper Joins Blogs For Borders

Allow me to introduce myself as a new author. My name is GM Roper and I blog at GM's Place As someone who lives on the border, about 10 miles north of Reynosa Mexico, I see daily the problems facing this country with the influx of illegal aliens.

It's easy to say that the problem of illegal aliens in this country is a huge one, and indeed it is. In the U.S., according to Homeland Security in 2009, there are approximately 8.5 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. from North America (Mexico and Canada); 1 million from Asia; 700k from South and Central America; 300k from Europe; and 200k from other areas for a total of 10,750,000 unauthorized immigrants.

And the numbers above, are likely off by a factor of 2. This presents a huge problem for the infrastructure of the U.S. The cost to the states with the highest percentage of unauthorized immigrants, California, Texas, Florida and New York - in that order) is staggering. Costs include education, health care, the courts and incarceration and of course in human misery whether it be from grossly underpaid folk, folk that take jobs in high unemployment areas where a legal resident may be willing to flip burgers if that means the difference between feeding their kids or not.

And yet, given all this, there are those misguided people that want to give all of the illegal immigrants amnesty and a short path to citizenship.

Look, I have lived in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas for neigh on 35 years with the exception of a few years in East Texas. I know, and have provided mental health services to people that I know were illegal, who were legal with a green card and to legal immigrants. There can be no doubt that the corridor of South Texas has suffered because of the waves of unauthorized immigrants coming from the south.

There are folk who will say that this blog is anti-Mexican but that truly is not so. I know literally thousands of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. They are wonderful, hardworking, industrious folk for the most part. For the MOST PART. But as the troubles in Falcon Lake with the murder of David Hartly shows, the border area is becoming increasingly violent as the drug cartels and the Mexican Federal and State Authorities battle each other.

In future posts, I will be telling the storys of residents of "El Valle" as the Rio Grande Valley is known. Hope to see you here.

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Blogger Bill Smith said...

We are very proud to have GM Roper join us as a contributor to Blogs for Borders.

Dr. Bill Smith, Editor

10/19/10, 5:24 PM  

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