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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 3: A Day in the Life of a Drug Smuggle

Reference our prior post and video: Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border: Drugs, Guns and 850 Illegal Aliens. The Center for Immigration Studies has released the third film in a series, "Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 3: A Day in the Life of a Drug Smuggler." This is the Center for Immigration Studies' National Security Director Janice Kephart's third web-based border film, this time focusing on drug cartel travel methods through Arizona's federally owned land. Ms. Kephart obtained much of the footage for the film by traveling with her hidden camera guide into three drug running corridors in central Arizona.

The Center for Immigration Studies is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization founded in 1985. It is the nation's only think tank devoted exclusively to research and policy analysis of the economic, social, demographic, fiscal, and other impacts of immigration on the United States.

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Posted The Center's follow up video, "Hidden Cameras 3," at Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 3: A Day in the Life of a Drug Smuggle

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