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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

ICE program shows Houston leads nation in illegal alien crime and removal

Originally a photo about an illegal alien
who burned a woman alive. 
He got a life sentence.
by Sheryl Devereaux: The end of September was the break of a new statistical year for a program instituted by ICE to report the actual statistics on criminal behavior in relation to illegal alien population. The report was released today in Washington D.C. The disturbing news for Houston, one of three cities chosen to participate in the program, is that more than 75% of illegal residents are committing crimes (other than being here illegally). This is up from the previous year by many thousand. Nationally, about 50% of illegal aliens are committing crimes. These are astonishing statistics.

Houston Sheriff Adrian Garcia said, "We are finding individuals ... that didn't come here to make a better life for themselves. They came here to continue their criminal careers, and that's not what we're going to support."

The statistics show a correlation between crimes and the border. Texas shares a border with Mexico of over 1200 miles and only 250 border patrol troops. — A gaping hole for illegals looking to expand their careers in crime. America is not only the land of opportunity for those who look to fulfill their dreams via hard work and ingenuity, but through an opportunity to rob Americans way or another.

Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano was quick to credit the Obama Administration (read: her department) for the program that has "removed" this element from the states. But the larger issue, one of preventive measures is, why, on the other hand, did the Secretary also tell Arizona that if they want more National Guard troops than the 30 sent, they would have to foot the bill for it, not the Fed?

Given the attitude of the Federal administration to ignore prevention of illegal immigration, even penalizing states that try to defend themselves against invasion, begs the question of what can be expected? What is the point of collecting the data? What is the point of ‘removing’ illegal criminals (an oxymoron if ever there was one) if solid immigration policy and border protections are not part of this Administration’s agenda?

Continuing to ignore these findings as validation for a preventive program of border patrol and control—like blatantly turning a deaf ear to Arizona's cries for help amidst a border war inside their territory, might leave Texas as over powered as Arizona at some point. Texas, and particularly Houston, with the largest percentage of illegal aliens engaged in crime, must make it's stand at the polls, where new blood will ensure there isn't a lock step with a President and his administration who have failed to honor the oath of office to defend the Constitution which gives protection to the states' Republican governments, and from invasion.

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