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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Immigration Stances Hotter This Election Than Any Other

Chris Chmielenski, NumbersUSA: Every day, the phones and email boxes in our NumbersUSA offices carry media inquiries about our most recently updated ratings of candidates on a variety of immigration issues.

"Immigration is hotter as a campaign issue this fall than at any time during NumbersUSA's 14 years or from my observations the previous 25 years as a journalist," says Roy Beck, our CEO. "We are pleased that our Immigration-Reduction Grades are routinely showing up in news stories this fall."

In less than three weeks, we'll find out how many of our 104 (and growing by the day) "True Reform" candidates make it to Washington. We also have an additional 30 candidates who have taken our immigration-reduction survey and agree with us on most of the important immigration issues, but just fell short of earning our "True Reformer" label.

According to Real Clear Politics, which is a neutral political website that rates elections by averaging multiple polls, there are 145 House and Senate races that are currently too close to call. Of those 145 races, we have candidates who have completed our survey in 50 of them!

All in all, we have at least one candidate who has completed a survey in one of every four Congressional races. This is by far the largest response we have had in our decade of offering the survey. As you can see, our survey is not for the weak-hearted. A candidate has to really want to be known for immigration stances to be willing to dive into all the extraordinary pledges that we ask from them.

Please check out our Candidate Comparison pages. If you see candidates who you support but who have not completed a survey, please urge them to do so. There's still plenty of time for us to add their responses to our website and alert our members in the district.

Survey link!

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