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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Murder of Texas Jet Skier By Illegals Spirals Out of Control!

by Carmen Mercer, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps: ALERT: Reports are coming in from Mexico that investigators in the murder of American David Hartley have also been murdered. Rolando Armando Flores Villegas was investigating David's case from the Mexican side of the border. They were cooperating with U.S. officials to try to bring those responsible to justice.

However, what is known is that two days after Villegas provided documents to a Texas TV station that identified two members of the Zeta drug cartel as the culprits a military post in Mexico received a suitcase containing the head of Villegas.

It is quite clearly a warning from the drug cartels to stay away. The Mexican government seems to be heeding the threats from the cartels with comments like those of Tamaulipas state prosecutor office spokesman Ruben Rios saying that they "don't know how or why he was killed. We don't have any details on how he died" These shocking reports are just stoking the flames of the already controversial border security dispute. It is clear that the border has become a lawless war zone and the drug cartels are the ones calling the shots!

The only thing the Obama administration has done to combat this growing epidemic is to concede to the cartels and place signs 70 miles INSIDE the American border telling American citizens to stay away from the border. American civilians are under attack on American soil from malicious and ruthless drug gangs! Obama has no problem protecting the borders of Afghanistan but he can't be bothered to send the army to the UNITED STATES BORDER?!

Mexican obviously can't control the cartels so it's up to us to cut off their supply of money. It is time to shut down the border completely! We need a fence and more to protect the border! It's a war zone, we need soldiers to fight in a war zone! Anything less is a disgrace to Robert Krentz, David Hartley, and the countless others that have been unnecessarily killed by drug running criminals!

Hartley and his wife Tiffany were jet skiing on Falcon Lake, which straddles the Texas border between the U.S. and Mexico. While they were sight-seeing they were savagely ambushed and attacked without provocation by Mexican pirates. The pirates swooped in mercilessly on speed boats and gunned down David Hartley in cold blood. Tiffany was unable to recover her husband's body after he was shot in the head, and she fled the attackers back to the U.S side of the lake in order to get help.

Obama has still not responded to the heartbreaking and shocking news of last week's murder of American civilian David Hartley. "How many more American citizens have to die?" said Texas Governor Rick Perry as he challenged Washington to get its act together.

What has Obama done about escalating U.S. losses? Nothing but post signs telling Americans to stay away from border areas on U.S. soil and RUN AWAY from killers in our own backyard!!! Well, I guess even a jet ski is just not fast enough.

This savage killing is just another tragic result of the Obama administration not securing the border and leaving U.S. citizens defenseless to completely unacceptable and totally avoidable murders known to be perpetrated by ruthless Mexican drug runners.

Last spring Arizona Rancher Robert Krentz was murdered by an illegal alien believed to have ties to the drug cartels on his own land. Krentz' murder was the flash point which ignited the controversial Arizona immigration enforcement legislation signed into law by the Governor of AZ and promptly stayed by the Obama Justice Department. The outrage over the open border has only grown since then. Americans want the border sealed and the flow of illegal criminals, thugs and drugs pouring over the border stopped!

However, the Obama administration has done nothing to combat this crisis. The safety of American citizens relies on signs posted 70 miles inside the border saying that American soil is no longer safe and AMERICAN CITIZENS are not allowed on their own land. This is an unprecedented act of cowardice, ceding sovereign U.S. territory to alien banditry, and Obama is the first American President to ever passively and preemptively concede American land to foreign terrorists.

Governor Perry is right to be outraged! He is doing everything he can to make sure the body of David Hartley is recovered. Mexican authorities aren't allowing U.S. officials to enter the Mexican waters of Falcon Lake to aid the search. Mexico City district attorney Marco Antonio Guerrero Carrixales said recently that they, "are not certain that incident happened the way that they are telling us." Tiffany Hartley is convinced, as are many others, that Obama could bring more pressure on the Mexican government to exert itself against the cartels to recover the body. Governor Perry responded by saying, "I find it really reprehensible for anyone, U.S. or Mexican, to speak otherwise" about Tiffany's claims.

Perry has again beseeched Washington for more troops and support on the border. He spoke to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's chief of staff and made a request for 1,000 National Guard troops for the Texan-Mexican border -- a request that was promptly denied.

Washington cares more about its political standing with a country that can't even police itself than for the safety and security of its own citizens. They should be ashamed of themselves. How many innocent Americans have to be murdered before Obama acts? In any other time these killings and invasions would constitute an act of war. All American citizens ask for is a closed and secure border, so we can safeguard the people of this country.

Obama and the Democrats have already put the Amnesty wheels in motion as orders are out to scuttle ICE raids of companies hiring illegal workers, remove key elements of 287G policies that give local law enforcement the ability to arrest illegal aliens, and to set the stage for the in-take processing of millions of illegal aliens so as to grant mass AMNESTY TO ILLEGALS.

Enough is enough! The line has to be drawn! The invasion of America has to end! Justice has to be done for all the good, honest, Americans who have been killed, raped, kidnapped, stolen from, and abused by criminal illegal immigrants! American sovereign territory must be DEFENDED and HELD SECURE!!

It is a dark time in America; it seems as if our voices aren't being heard. WE MUST NOT BACK DOWN! The most powerful things you have as a citizen is your voice and your ballot, even if so far in Washington, they REFUSE to listen. THE HOUR IS LATE, MAKE THEM HEAR US -- it is the right thing to do!

Help us mobilize common sense, patriotic Americans against this travesty!! The Obama Administration's plan for Lame Duck Amnesty MUST BE STOPPED!

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