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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Border Report Calls for Military Response to Southern Border Crisis

by TexasFred, TexasFred Blog: This is from the office of Texas State Representative John Carter (R) TX – 31. I am on his mailing list. I wanted to share this, and one other email I received.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 19, 2010 - (WASHINGTON, DC) – The growing state of chaos in Northern Mexico is a direct threat to the homeland security of the United States and must be met by a military response, according to the latest field investigation by the House Immigration Reform Caucus (IRC), ordered by IRC Chairman Brian Bilbray (R-CA) and House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter (R-TX).

IRC Chairman Brian Bilbray stated this morning, “With the drug war, human trafficking, and increasing violence along our borders, it is absolutely imperative to provide the necessary resources to our state and local law enforcement officials. Drug cartel violence in California, specifically in San Diego County and along the Pacific Coast, mirrors that which is happening in Texas and Arizona. Without proper support through grants and collaboration with local, state, and federal agencies, we will continue to see the negative effects of a failed border policy.”

“While the Administration is focused on groping grandma at the airport, heavily armed drug smugglers and Al-Qaeda supporters are daily infiltrating our southern border,” says Carter. “This report clearly documents that security at our border has improved, but is still insufficient, and identifies the remedies to correct the situation.”

“The U.S. Border Patrol and our Sheriffs are doing everything they can to secure our southern border, but there are simply not enough officers to stop the deluge of violent criminals pouring across,” says Carter, the seventh-highest ranking Republican in the House. “We need an immediate surge of armed personnel to shut down the criminal invasion, as has been successfully demonstrated to work in the past.”

The 44-page report, “Broken Neighbor, Broken Border,” calls for an immediate deployment of a minimum 25,000 armed troops at the call of the border Governors, along with substantial new support for the Border Sheriffs, U.S. Border Patrol, and National Park Service law enforcement.

The field investigation was conducted by IRC staff and Congressman Carter in August and September, and covered the Texas border between Falcon Lake in Zapata County and El Paso, along with Maricopa and Cochise counties in Arizona.

The report calls for 12 legislative recommendations for the upcoming Congress to secure the border from drug smuggling, terrorist infiltration, human trafficking, and illegal immigration. All spending for the improvements would require budget offsets from existing federal programs.
· Pre-authorize Border Governors to deploy National Guard/State Defense Forces to secure the border in their state.
· Community Impact Aid for Border Sheriffs’ Departments
· Allow illegal aliens to be prosecuted in any border sectors
· Appropriate $3 billion annually U.S. military/National Guard/State forces operations to secure the southern border
· Block dismissal of illegal immigration charges by the Administration
· Make E-Verify Mandatory Nationwide
· Prepaid Local Law Enforcement Grants for Border Sheriffs
· Improve Border Access Roads for Law Enforcement Access
· Provide Liability Shields for Border Patrol/USCG officers/Private Property owners
· Remove foot bridges from the Rio Grande
· Lower Federal Drug Prosecution Age to match States
· Assure powers of detention for troops on border duty
The report will be published online on the IRC website at, and on Congressman Carter’s website at
Contact: John Stone (202) 225-3864
Folks in Texas are taking this seriously! Read this, from a source I have in Law Enforcement:
America’s Third War: Texas Strikes Back - Nov 18, 2010 2:11 PM EST
I never thought that we’d be in this paramilitary type of engagement. It’s a war on the border,” said Captain Stacy Holland with the Texas Department of Public Safety.
Holland leads a fleet of 16 state-of-the-art helicopters that make up the aviation assets used by the Texas DPS to fight Mexican drug cartels.

In recent years, the cartels have become bolder and more ruthless.

They cross the border with AK-47s on their backs, wearing military camouflage. They recruit in prisons and schools on the American side. Spotters sit in duck blinds along the Rio Grande and call out the positions of the U.S. Border Patrol.

To combat the cartels, the Texas Department of Public Safety is launching a counterinsurgency.

Tactical strike teams send field intelligence they gather to Austin to a joint operation intelligence center, or JOIC in military terminology.

It certainly is a war in a sense that were doing what we can to protect Texans and the rest of the nation from clearly a threat that has emerged over the last several years, said Former FBI prosecutor Steve McCraw, who runs the undeclared “war.”

And now that there is added pressure on the cartels, the drug runners are employing new techniques, known as a splash down. When the heat is on, they attempt to return to Mexico with the drugs, often times in broad daylight. And because the Texas law enforcements authority ends at the border — in this case the river — they even have time to put on their life jackets.

The cartels may be ruthless, they may be vicious, they may be cowardly … but they’re not stupid, said McCraw. They will adapt their tactics and recently they’ve adapted their tactics to utilize smaller loads, cross with rafts, stolen vehicles on our side.

President Barack Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Neapolitan have recently said the Mexican border is more secure now than it has been in 20 years, but some along this border strongly disagree.

“To suggest the southwest border is secure is ridiculous,” said Holland.
Some sources can’t be revealed, the person sending the above email is one of them. Anyone that has ever been involved in Law Enforcement along the U.S. and Mexican border knows. Anyone that lives anywhere near the U.S. and Mexican border knows. Our southern border is NOT secure. It’s not even close to being secure.

Now we’re seeing a push from Obama, one reminiscent of the Bush administration, to enact an incredibly lame bill in a LAME DUCK senate session, The Immigrant Dream Act.
President Barack Obama told Democratic members of Congress Tuesday he wants the DREAM Act passed in the lame duck session as a “down payment” on substantial immigration reform, according to members at the meeting.

And, he said, he’d call resistant senators to get them on board. SOURCE
Now we get to see if any of the RINOs still in the Senate have the courage to stand up and fight FOR Americas, LEGAL Americans, and OUR freedom and well being, or are they going to fold and jump on the Obama band wagon and enact AMNESTY for the ILLEGALS already in the USA.

There are some that will read this post and call me a racist for what I am saying. I don’t care if they do. We are at WAR in the border states my friends. We are at war with the ILLEGALS and those of the cartels that travel our roads and streets, spreading their poison.

The federal government, read: Obama, and people like his predecessor, George W. Bush, don’t give a damn.

Bush was an AMNESTY president and he did his best to support that cause. He had the support of Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote and thankfully, they failed.

In August of this year I posted this piece: Texas Sen. John Cornyn backs review of ‘birthright citizenship’. To be honest with you, I have NO idea where Sen. Cornyn will fall in when it comes to supporting Texas and border security. Sen. Cornyn is as RINO and goes the way the wind blows.

American freedoms are under attack, from enemies both foreign and domestic. To coin an old typing exercise; Now is the time for ALL good men to come to aid of their country! Now more than ever…  TexasFred

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Blogger TexasFred said...

Thank you Sir!

11/21/10, 7:06 PM  
Anonymous TexasFred said...

Here is how we fix ALL of our border problems.

1st: We get rid of RINOs, Dems and anti-American asshat Kenyans and install an AMERICAN president that has nothing but the best interest of America in his heart.

2nd: We round up and deport every ILLEGAL in this nation, ALL of em… And yeah, it CAN be done…

3rd: Once all the ILLEGALS are out of the USA we seal the Mexican border . . .

4th: We station troops on OUR side of the border . . . All southbound traffic gets a free pass…

11/23/10, 11:12 AM  

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