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Friday, February 18, 2011

Amnesty Action Alert: "GRAHAM-NESTY"

The Washington establishment is as intent on passing amnesty disguised as “comprehensive immigration reform” as it was three years ago.

A group of US Senators, working with the full support of the White House, and the pro-amnesty, open-borders crowd, is once again pushing for so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” including granting amnesty to illegal aliens who broke the law coming to the United States and continue to break the law each and every day by staying.

The pro-amnesty establishment in Washington clearly doesn’t care about the more than 9,000 Americans who die each year at the hands of illegal aliens. If they did, laws would have been enforced long ago and our border would be secure.

And Washington doesn’t care about the hundreds of billions of dollars that has been spent on caring for, educating and subsidizing illegal aliens. Last month alone, Congress added more than $100 BILLION to our national debt.

Once again, it will be up to us – the American people – to stop amnesty for illegals in Washington.

Already the media has dubbed this new scourge “Grahamnesty” after chief proponent Lindsay Graham, US Senator from South Carolina. Illegal is illegal – and amnesty is amnesty.

Border security is a national security issue. It is an economic security issue. And it is an issue for each and every American. Please join BAN today by signing the CITIZEN’S PETITION AGAINST AMNESTY and help us expand our grassroots movement to stop these amnesty schemes from being reality.

We have won this battle before, and we can win it again. But only together!

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