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Saturday, February 12, 2011

AZ Countersues Feds Over Illegal Immigration

Update as of 3/19/2010: This post was edited to remove the photo in the original story due to a complaint filed with Google by the referenced author. Note, the author did NOT contact us directly nor did the make a comment on the posted article.

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by Daniella Nicole, The Fritch Show: In 2010, the federal government announced it was filing a lawsuit against Arizona over SB 1070. During that time period, multiple lawsuits by states against the government have been reported on in regards to the healthcare act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

On February 10, 2011, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced a countersuit by Arizona against the federal government because of it’s failure to control the border and protect Arizona from the invasion of illegals. Other states have followed the example set by Arizona and have passed or are working on their own versions of SB 1070. This latest move by Arizona raises the question if, once again, other states will follow suit and file lawsuits against the federal government for it’s failure to enforce federal illegal immigration laws and failure to secure the borders. The federal government, as per usual, responded to the announcement of the Arizona countersuit by calling it “meritless” and as something that “does nothing to secure the border.”

In Utah, during a report regarding measures to be taken against illegals charged with crimes, it was noted that the regional director of ICE stated they would not be picking up or deporting any illegals charged with misdemeanor crimes. This is a clear violation of federal law because it is the purview of ICE to remove illegals from the country, whether they have been caught breaking other laws or not. This is only one of a number of examples of such behavior from ICE and the federal government.

If the argument against Arizona and other states taking illegal immigration enforcement action on their own is that only the federal government can legally deport anyone and enforce certain provisions of illegal immigration laws, the case can be strongly made that the federal government is knowingly and willfully violating its own laws when their response to the notification of the capture of illegals is to refuse to do anything about it.

Despite that, it is unclear what the result of winning a lawsuit against the federal government over its failure to act on the enforcement of illegal immigration laws would be, given the fact that the Obama administration has been found in contempt due to violating a court order to lift a ban on offshore oil drilling. In the case of the healthcare lawsuits, when ruled unconstitutional, the federal government simply appeals the decision.

This administration has made it very clear they have no respect for the Constitution or the laws of the land. Their action (and lack thereof) creates a strong argument for impeachment.  . . . [Full Story]

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Anonymous eli redd said...

I feel like AZ's claim is more legitimate that the government's. It's common knowledge that it's the feds' job to seal the border, and it has obviously and negligently failed. I'm an eb-5 green card holder and I find this to be a terrible situation.

2/18/11, 4:57 PM  
Blogger williweb9788 said...

The debate over birthright citizenship does not involve the status of someone who is in the US illegally. Not only should the illegal aliens be deported, but their children also. The US will not take responsibility for them coming to the US illegally in the first place and placing their children born here in this dilemma. The illegal aliens are 100% responsible for the situation in hoping that their violation of our laws will be forgiven and their children will be automatically be given citizenship. The billions of unfortunate, pennyless, starving overpopulation are just going to have to look elsewhere for their welfare checks.

2/25/11, 8:59 PM  

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