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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Abuse Allegation Leads to International Fugitive Living in Modesto, CA

One thing is for sure; this criminal is not alone and he is a perfect example of why we must have tougher immigration laws in this country and why we must seal our borders. There is no other way.
Juan Lopez
Abuse allegation leads to international fugitive living in Modesto

MODESTO, CA - A child molestation accusation in Modesto led to the discovery of a wanted drug fugitive, Stanislaus County Sheriff's detectives said. On Friday, Sheriff's deputies were called to Bret Harte Elementary School for a report of child abuse, detectives said. Deputies said that a child told a staff member her father had been molesting her for years and she feared going home.

Detectives brought in the girl's father, a man by the name of Caesar Murillo-Guizar, for questioning. Murillo-Guizar cooperated with detectives, but when they ran his fingerprints, detectives discovered Murillo-Guizar was not who he said he was. "He had been in our fingerprint identification system, but he had a different name than what he told detectives," said Raj Singh, with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Dept.

It turns out Murillo-Guizar is really Juan Lopez, Singh said. He was arrested in Santa Clara back in 2003 for a methamphetamine manufacturing charge. Before his court appearance, Lopez fled the country. He and his family lived in Mexico for a year, but then returned to Modesto as Murillo-Guizar. "He also managed to get a fake social security number and was defrauding the state by collecting welfare," said Singh.

Sheriff's detectives are now working with both immigration and welfare agencies to determine how Lopez managed to manipulate the state system. Detectives are also investigating Lopez's relationship with two other young daughters.

Lopez is charged with two counts of child molestation. He is being held without bail.
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