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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mean-Spirited Utah Keeps Jobs From Unemployed Citizens While Compassionate Ariz. Opens Them Up

By Roy Beck, Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA: In Utah, the cheap-labor Chamber of Commerce lobby has taken over the Republican Party and is, in effect, blocking thousands of unemployed citizens and legal immigrants from jobs being held by illegal foreign workers.

Across the border in Arizona, though, the Republican Party has resisted the worst of corporate lobbying and put unemployed citizens and legal immigrants first, constantly trying to stop unscrupulous businesses from filling jobs with illegal aliens.

This local TV newscast shows the superiority of the compassionate Arizona approach . . . .

Video Source

Channel 10 of Phoenix reported what happened when Sheriff Joe Arpaio raided a bunch of Pei Wei Asian Diners and led most of the workers there out in handcuffs because they were illegal aliens.

First, Pei Wei had to close its doors because it didn't have enough legal workers left.
Second,Finally, and triumphantly, as this newscast video so well shows, unemployed Americans created long lines to take the jobs.

How many times have you heard politicians, academic sophists and too many journalists facilely say that illegal aliens are just doing jobs Americans won't do? How many times have you heard that from a friend, co-worker or relative?

And how many times have you heard them specifically say that Americans are not going to lower themselves to wash the dishes in the restaurants you frequent?

Well, this video show all kinds of people willing to wash dishes for $8 an hour. You'll see Latino Americans say they are willing to do so. You'll see White Americans willing to do so. Young. Middle aged. One with a masters degree.

"I'm desperate," a young woman says. A middle-aged woman says if she were younger she would look for yard work but happy to wash dishes. "A job is a job," says Vince Flores, who refuses to be embarrassed about wanting a job that the elites of America sneer at.

Watch this video and renew your faith in the American people and their will to roll up their sleeves and do a job.

But in Utah, the Republican-led government has just decided that it is better to keep those kinds of Americans unemployed and keep the jobs in the hands of illegal aliens. Across America, corporate American lobbyists are pushing the "Utah Compact" as the "compassionate" way to deal with immigration. Yeah, right, compassionate to business owners who want to stiff unemployed Americans by hiring cheap illegal foreign labor.

Indiana and many other states are currently under great pressure by these Utah Compact Republicans to turn away from the compassionate immigration policies of Arizona and adopt Utah's meanspirited approach to unemployed Americans.

Wouldn't it be great in your own community to see lines of Americans like those seen in this Phoenix video, filled with hope because businesses aren't allowed to hire illegal aliens?

By clicking here, you can send a free internet fax to your own state legislators asking them to reject the Utah model and, instead, keep illegal aliens from holding jobs in your state.
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