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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

N. Carolina Passes House Bill 33 - Stopping Acceptace of Mexican Matricula Consular Cards

This Email is provided for Informational Purposes to all readers on what is happening in other states. While our site contributors support the efforts by the legislature of North Carolina to limit benefits to Illegal aliens, we are not endorsing any actions in this letter. We agree that it is up to North Carolinians to make the decision how to address their elected representatives.

The North Carolina House of Representatives just set a national precedent on behalf of American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters who suffer from the ill effects of illegal immigration by passing HB 33 which is now headed to the NC Senate.

House Bill 33 prevents all state and local governments from accepting the worthless Matricula Consular cards sold by the Mexican government to illegal aliens on US soil or to anyone looking to create false identification.

Every Democrat in the NC House stood with illegal alien invaders on the bill except for one. The Democrats of North Carolina were unified in their support of continued illegal immigration.

Two traitor Republicans voted with the Democrats in support of aiding and abetting illegal immigrants with bogus Matricula IDs.

Thank goodness this historic bill passed 64-53. There were 64 representatives voting with Americans and 53 voting with the Mexican Consul and the illegal immigrants they support.

Daniel "Danny" McComas, a Republican from Wilmington and New Hanover County, voted against HB 33. He voted to protect illegal aliens using Matricula ID to steal jobs, classroom seats, and other taxpayer resources from Americans.

He joined illegal alien supporting Republican Representative Jeff Barnhart who hails from Concord, NC in Cabarrus County.

Barnhart's support for illegal aliens comes as no surprise since he was one of the two Republican sponsors of the infamous HB 1183 bill back in 2005. That bill sought to provide in-state tuition benefits for illegal immigrants who would have replaced innocent NC Students in our limited college seats at taxpayer expense!

How in the world a sellout Republican like Barnhart is still in office after supporting a highly visible bill like HB 1183, which 81% of likely NC voters oppose according to poling by the JWP Civitas organization in Raleigh, is a mystery.

Perhaps Danny McComas should look at what happened to Barnhart's last Republican accomplice aiding illegal immigrant invaders in NC. Republican Representative John Sauls of Lee County encountered such a strong backlash over his anti-American behavior and support for taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens that he resigned at the end of the same year that HB 1183 was soundly defeated.

I guess many of us who consider ourselves to be true conservatives assumed that the Republicans in Jeff Barnhart's district would take care of business in the primaries by removing such a vulnerable candidate. This is usually the case around the country, but yet Barnhart remains to continue with his pro illegal alien voting record in Raleigh.

Jeff Barnhart and Danny McComas voting with Democrats to support illegal aliens is bad enough, but for them to break ranks with the Republican Caucus at a time when Republicans have gained control of the NC Legislature for the first time in 130 years adds further insult to conservatives.

The North Carolina Republican Party does not need illegal immigration supporting lawmakers like Jeff Barnhart and Danny McComas when they show a pattern of working and voting alongside liberal extremists like Representative Paul Luebke and Deborah Ross on legislation.

Let us call upon Republican lawmakers in North Carolina, along with the NC GOP, Republican Auxiliary organizations, Tea Party groups, and conservative activists to unify to assure that both Representatives Barnhart and McComas face tier 1 GOP primary challengers in 2012!

Qualified and dedicated Republican candidates should be able to easily dispatch both of these gentlemen from the elected official list by contacting GOP voters with their voting records showing alignment with illegal immigrants and urban liberals like Luebke and Ross.

According to the polling data, both McComas and Barnhart and their Democratic allies are out of alignment with approximately 80% of all likely NC voters and those numbers are probably higher in a GOP primary scenario.

HB 33 is now headed to the NC Senate where the Mexican Consulate and other illegal immigration supporters are counting on RINO (Republican In Name Only) Republicans to join with liberal Democrats as McComas and Barnhart did to stop any significant state level protections against illegal immigration.

It would only take about three Republicans to jump ship in the NC Senate to stop these bills.

We can also count on the open borders invasion lobby to try to persuade President Pro Tempore Phil Berger to resume the old tactics of the Democrats and suppress these bills in committee.

The North Carolina public, including members of both parties and every race, must send a very clear message to the Democrats and the Republican traitors who would join them in their support for the invasion of our state that we will remember next November.

In fact, it is long past due that we set up a special committee in North Carolina that will work to establish more direct contact with voters in the districts of lawmakers who vote against immigration enforcement bills in our state. We have enough friends and allies in the General Assembly right now that we can detect and illuminate any person or group that tries to stop these bills behind the scenes. We are going to light them up for all to see if they try to stop our bills.

The NC House is obviously in good hands under the leadership of Speaker Tillis and the fine leaders he has arrayed around him in key positions.

The NC Senate Republicans are yet to be tested on this issue.

We do know that illegal immigration issues were one of the top motivating factors behind NC voters throwing the Democrats out of power after 130 years! Republicans promised real change and while the top GOP leadership tried to dodge the issue on the statewide level, many Republican candidates who won promised voters action to stop illegal immigrants from running amok in NC.

Let's go ahead and line up candidates and campaigns to replace RINOs like Barnhart and McComas in the NC House immediately. Let's send a clear message to all Democrats and sellout Republicans that we will fight and remove anyone that stands in the way of our efforts to protect NC workers who are losing their jobs and wages to illegals, NC students who are losing their college seats to illegals, NC taxpayers who are losing over 1 Billion dollars in stolen resources, and NC voters who are losing their voting power due to elections fraud and corruption involving illegals.

There are other RINOs on the NC Senate side negotiating with power groups like the Mexican Consulate and we need to send a clear message that we are ready to take them on if they dare to try to stop legislation supported by 80% of NC voters.

Over 90% of the NC Republican lawmakers are doing their job to represent the people of our state. Now, let us do our job by setting the task of removing those who would deny the public defense against this invasion from office in the next election cycle.

For any who we fail to remove in 2012, let us push again year after year until we elect Americans who support Americans instead of illegal alien invaders and their power groups.

Copies of this letter will be sent to Republican leaders in each county that Barnhart and McComas represent and let our efforts here in NC be an example for all states trying to defend against invasion. Let's hold these invasion supporting state lawmakers accountable by removing them from office in primaries and general elections.


William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
Public Email Sent From:
This message sent by
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh NC, 27622

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Blogger June said...

Now if we can only stop the people that carry these cards, we'll be set.

4/1/11, 7:49 AM  
Blogger New Citizens Alliance said...

NC Senator Tom Apodaca,

My name is Paul Purdue and I live in Fairview, Buncombe County...I am from Ireland but am now a LEGAL US Citizen since 2005.

Also I ran for 115 NC State House Seat in 2008..I know you are busy but I am asking you as the Chairman of the NC Senate Rules Committee, to move HB.33 forward now so it can be heard in committee and then passed by the NC Senate.

It is important to all the LEGAL immigrants and new LEGAL Citizens who obey the laws of NC to have their voices heard for a change

Paul Purdue

6/11/12, 12:52 PM  

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