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Friday, April 08, 2011

Alabama House Passes Anti-illegal Alien Bill

By Joe Wolverton, II, New American: The Alabama House of Representatives passed an immigration bill designed to crack down Arizona-style on those illegally present in the Heart of Dixie. The vote wasn’t close. The legislation, H.B. 56, passed easily by a vote of 73 to 28 in the majority Republican House.

Specifically, the measure mimics many of S.B. 1070’s chief provisions, including the grant of substantially increased powers to law enforcement to verify the immigration status of anyone detained on other charges and suspected of being illegally present in the United States.

And, as is the case with the Arizona law, businesses in Alabama will be required to check whether employees have valid work permits. If the bill is enacted, then the knowing hiring of illegals will trigger penalties against the offending employer.

The bill is now bound for the Senate where the GOP also holds a majority of the seats. . . . Proponents of the legislation worry that were lawmakers to ignore the growing illegal population, the state might become a magnet for other illegals. "We cannot allow Alabama to become a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants," said State Representative Micky Hammon, a Republican sponsor, on the floor of the House in Montgomery.

Further, Hammon, the representative from Decatur, Alabama, promises that the law “attacks every aspect of an illegal alien's life."  "This bill is designed to make it difficult for them to live here so they will deport themselves," Hammon announced during his speech made at the time he presented the bill to his colleagues.

Rep. Kerry Rich (R-Albertville) spoke in support of the bill, citing the inundation of his home district (Sand Mountain) with illegal immigrants. "The illegals in this country are ripping us off," Rich said.  "If we wait for the federal government to put this fire out, our house is going to burn down," Rich said.  . . .  [Read Full Story]

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