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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Holder Eyes Utah Guest-Worker Law

The law Utah passed is not a good law, not at all. It gives illegal aliens too many loopholes and 'rights' that none of them deserve. They are here illegally and do not deserve any rights, any health care or any breaks on tuition for higher education. In fact, they do not deserve to be able to be enrolled in our public schools. The only 'right' they should have is a one way trip back to Mexico with every member of their family. There are too many LEGAL American citizens who are barely hanging on who need the help we are throwing away on 'helping' illegal aliens.

Washington Times: "Holder eyes Utah guest-worker law"

A year after suing Arizona over its tough immigration law, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. told Congress on Tuesday that his department is prepared to sue Utah for going the other way and creating its own guest-worker program - though he is giving the state some time to change its law.

“That’s a law that doesn’t go into effect until 2013,” Mr. Holder told the House Judiciary Committee. “We will look at the law, and if it is not changed to our satisfaction by 2013, we will take all the necessary steps.”

Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert earlier this year signed a package of immigration bills, including one to enhance enforcement, similar to but not as far-reaching as Arizona’s law, and another that tries to create a guest-worker program and protect illegal immigrants from arrest.

The enforcement law is already being challenged in court by civil rights groups, and Mr. Holder said if the guest-worker law doesn’t change he will challenge it, too, for infringing on the federal government’s right to control immigration policy.

Mr. Herbert’s office didn’t respond to a message seeking comment, but Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff told The Washington Times that he has had several meetings with Justice Department officials to talk about ways to bridge the gap between Utah’s law and Mr. Holder’s stance.

“I am pleased to see he did say we had two years,” Mr. Shurtleff said. “We’re working with them. I feel like they’re open to ongoing discussions.”

Utah’s move this year to pass a state-level guest-worker program shook the immigration debate, since it came from a conservative-leaning state where immigration enforcement is popular and where politicians regularly label federal guest-worker plans as “amnesty.”

Under the plan, illegal immigrants living in Utah could apply, pay a fine and be issued a work permit.

Immigration-rights advocates said it marked a reversal from the trend of enforcement-only policies pioneered by Arizona.

The guest-worker program poses a test for Mr. Obama and his administration, which quickly moved to block Arizona’s enforcement effort, but has yet to take action on Utah’s law, which more closely matches his own proposals on how to address immigration. . . . Story Continues

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