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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Texas Senate Republicans Pass Bill To Corral Illegal Immigrants

By GARY SCHARRER, AUSTIN BUREAU: AUSTIN — "Senate Republicans finally passed a priority issue for their party early Wednesday morning when they outmuscled their Democratic colleagues on an immigration-related bill intended to make it easier for law enforcement to corral illegal immigrants.

At its core, SB 9 allows law enforcement officers to ask someone about their immigration status after they are detained and also establishes uniform statewide standards. It also would ban local governments from enacting a policy prohibiting the enforcement of state or federal immigration laws.

But critics say it will invariably result in racial profiling and make it less likely for immigrants to report crime because the legislation also allows police to question witnesses in the course of an investigation. Police chiefs in each of the state’s largest cities oppose the legislation."

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Of course the liberals and progressives have to toss out the racial profiling bit, don't they? Guess what? I do not care if this is racial profiling or not. If these illegal aliens were not here ILLEGALLY then we would not need bills like this, would we?

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