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Monday, June 13, 2011

What Homeland Security Thinks is Important

How can the federal government best protect America?

If you click to enlarge, you will find out that keeping illegal aliens out is NOT in the top issues of DHS's agenda.

ICE thinks protecting intellectual property is "high priority"?

What DHS is BIG on is Biometrics - what are they?
Biometrics are unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, that can be used for automated recognition. Biometrics form the foundation of US-VISIT's identification services because they are reliable, convenient and virtually impossible to forge.
"Virtually impossible to forge"? Have they never watched a James Bond movie (or any other thriller type)? They are LOADED with ways to fake fingerprints. From an ordinary use of a biometric device:
There is also another problem with fingerprinting, I once had a laptop which had a biometrics reader and it took four or five tries before it actually recognized my fingerprint. Fingerprint readers are no where near as accurate as bar code readers so I think they will end up annoying more customers than making the process easier.
Come on, we all know the employees that will be using those devices - if they start getting negative feedback from the reader, they'll do what people always do - start waving people through the line. My experience is that any system that puts another layer between customers and using a service is vulnerable to being hacked, not from evil intent, but generally because the hardware is clumsy and difficult to use. Cross-Posted on Right As Usual

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