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Sunday, July 17, 2011

ILLEGAL Alien Dupes Security At Nuclear PowerPlant

So this ILLEGAL, UNDOCUMENTED, guest worker just happened to use an EXPIRED MEXICAN driver's license to gain entry, spent several hours inside the largest nuclear power plant in the country before he was apprehended and taken into custody.

The article raises this question: How safe is the Palo Verde plant or any of our other nuclear power plants?

Maybe this illegal, law breaking, leech and parasite was hired by the Obama administration, DHS, the DNC, or LaRaza to somehow embarrass, stain the Nuclear power program, Border Patrol, INS and you get the picture.

In fact, Cruz Loya Alavares had been recently stopped for driving without a driver's license last month and had been deported back in 2000. We can rest easy 'knowing' that he probably has full coverage car insurance, he has not been sending any of his wages back to Mexico, assuming he was working at job that no legal American would really want to do, especially since the economy has recovered so well under the policies that Obama and the democrats have punished our country with.
Let's take this a bit farther into the negative. What if he had an explosive vest on, a bomb inside his pants or had accomplices waiting on the outside or worse yet, inside the power plant?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has many reasons to be concerned about this event. Someone had better be concerned because the first Muslim POTUS is too busy kissing the collective butts of the Muslim world to be bothered with something so trivial as illegal aliens(including terrorists, more than likely)setting up shop inside the United States

What, Me worry?

Illegal Alien Breaches Security at Arizona Nuke Plant

By John Hill -- An illegal alien previously deported in 2000, used a fake ID to gain entrance to the Palo Verde nuclear plant – the largest in the nation – and remained there for several hours before plant security, who grew suspicious of the ID, contacted Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio’s office who arrested Cruz Loya Alavares, currently held without bail pending charges of criminal trespassing.

Sheriff Joe said “I would presume the Feds would be concerned about this”. We would certainly hope so, for many reasons.

As was reportedlast year, an Iranian book celebrating suicide bombers was found in the Arizona desert. Also, FBI Director Robert Muellertestified the following before the House Appropriations Committee:

(T)here are individuals from countries with known Al Qaeda connections who are changing their Islamic surnames to Hispanic-sounding names and obtaining false Hispanic identities, learning to speak Spanish and pretending to be Hispanic.

In addition, Hezbollah has operations in Mexico, helping the drug cartels in exchange for access to their routes into the United States.

But I guess since Big Sis and Obama insist the border is “more secure than ever”, we shouldn’t expect DHS to take an interest in securing NUCLEAR plants from illegals any time soon. I mean what’s the worst that could happen if an Iranian terrorist re-named “Carlos Rodriguez” gains entry to the nation’s largest nuke plant, with a toolkit packed with C4 explosives?

What do you people want, a moat with alligators on the border? Just relax. Obama and Big Sis are on it!

Original article is here.
John Hill is the Executive Director of Stand With Arizona, one of the largest organizations in the nation opposing illegal immigration.

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Anonymous Patrick L. Booth said...

Now how the heck could that happen, somebody needs to be fired, jailed, and have his derriere kicked up in proximity to his ears.

7/17/11, 4:23 PM  

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