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Thursday, July 14, 2011

NJCIC Campaigns for Laws That Bar Hiring Illegal Immigrants

Lady Liberty has
welcomed millions of
LEGAL immigrants to
our country.
New jersey Citizens For Immigration Control: Launched by a successful press conference in Trenton on June 30, our campaign is off and running. Our goal? Passing A189 and S2773, the “Jobs Protection Acts.” These bills would bar NJ employers from hiring illegal immigrants by requiring them to use the federal electronic database system, E-Verify, or face the loss of their business license. The timing is ideal since every member of the NJ legislature is up for re-election this year, and if we can make this an issue, our chances are much greater.

Other good news: we have a public relations/advertising professional with years of undefeated campaign experience who will direct the campaign as a volunteer, continuing his work on the June 30 press conference. In addition, two national anti-illegal immigration organizations are assisting us in this effort.

But we also need your help. Right now it is in building a campaign fund sufficient to support mailings and advertising to put the heat on every legislator as well as on his or her opponent. We will keep at them until they answer the question: “Will you vote for or against these bills? Or do you refuse to answer? Whatever your position, we intend to let your constituents know through various media prior to the election.”

Please forward this message to family and friends. Let them know that:

Almost 9 percent of NJ employees are illegal immigrants *
It costs us $3.5 billion in local and state taxes to support illegal immigrants with education, health care, and incarceration **
NJ illegal immigrants send $1 billion a year back to their home countries ***
* Pew Hispanic Center study
** Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform
*** Inter-American Development Bank

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