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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Suspected' illegal future voter for Obama kills 4 year old boy: Hit and run

This 'suspected' illegal alien had two prior convictions on his driving record and his conditional license was expired. He was to appear before a judge in in October. Could he keep out from behind the wheel? NO! Did he have any insurance? NO!

Why was he not deported or held in detention for his previous convictions? Now a 4 year old boy is dead, run over inside a cross walk and his family has lost this precious life forever. Yet this criminal will be free either here or in Mexico someday in the hopefully, very far off future.

Now Obama, the first illegal Muslim Potus had stopped deporting thousands of illegal aliens and many like this one, as he was not a 'dangerous criminal or a threat to anyone will have no fear of being deported out of the United States.

How many Christopher “Buddy” Rowe's will have to die before this administration sees the error of it's policies? We will be adding up needless deaths like this one for years to come because progressive libtarded and RINO politicians are only concerned with getting as many votes as possible and it does not matter if they are legal voters or not. This is much more of a problem with far left politicians than Conservative politicians. obama and his traitorous administration have the blood of 'Buddy' Howe on their hands. NO amount of money, gifts or detergent from these American hating progressive socialists will ever bring this boy back.

Thanks Obama, for the continuing the flood of illegals into our country.
From the San Franciso Chronicle.

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Christopher 'Buddy' Howe
Santa Rosa man charged in hit-run death of boy, 4

SANTA ROSA -- Sonoma County prosecutors filed charges Monday against an allegedly unlicensed driver who authorities say ran over a 4-year-old boy in a Santa Rosa crosswalk and sped off.

Marcos Lopez Garcia, 22, was charged in Superior Court with felony hit-and-run as well as two misdemeanors, vehicular manslaughter and driving without a valid license. He made an initial court appearance Monday but did not enter a plea.

Garcia, who is being held without bail because federal officials suspect him of being an illegal immigrant, has two previous arrests for driving without a license, records show. Five days before Thursday's crash, police said, he was told not to drive until a court appearance in October.

Garcia was charged in connection with the crash that killed 4-year-old Christopher "Buddy" Rowe of Santa Rosa, who was on his way to soccer practice.

Christopher was hit at about 6 p.m. at West Ninth Street and Rockwell Place near Jacobs Park while crossing with his mother, his twin sister and his 6-year-old sister. He clung to life at Children's Hospital Oakland, but "his heart finally gave way" Friday morning, his family said in a statement Monday.

"Little Buddy will be remembered as an energetic, curious, active young boy who was also kind, compassionate and caring, especially with his twin sister," the family said. "We will always remember his ever-present smile, beautiful steel blue eyes and peace-loving nature.

"The man who stole Buddy's life from us will be one day free," the family said, "but we will always carry the burden of losing him forever."

Christopher and his family were crossing West Ninth in a marked crosswalk when he was hit by a westbound Honda Accord, police said. The car drove away from the intersection, which has no stop signs or signals.

Soon, a 47-year-old Santa Rosa man named Leroy Flach - who heard about the crash on his police scanner - spotted the car at Finley Park, less than a mile from the crash. He said he had called police after he saw the driver peeling off an orange San Francisco Giants decal from the rear window.

The man got into a Volvo driven by a woman, Flach said. He relayed the license plate number to police, who by 8 p.m. had found and arrested Garcia, 22, who lives near Jacobs Park.

Christopher is survived by his parents, James Rowe Jr. and Michelle Rowe; his older sister, Mimi; and his twin sister, Julia; as well as grandparents, uncles and cousins.

A memorial service is scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday at St. Eugene's Cathedral in Santa Rosa.

The family asks that condolences and donations be sent to the Christopher Rowe Memorial Fund, 1007 W. College Ave., No. 313, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. For more information, go to

Original article is here

Read more about this murder below:
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Plea delayed for man suspected in fatal Santa Rosa crosswalk hit-and-run crash

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Blogger June said...

I'm glad this child's death was called a murder. That's exactly what it is when these animals get drunk and then get behind the wheel. I'd like to see these arrests result in a mandatory life sentence. My condolences and prayers for this little boy and to all those who've been murdered by illegal aiens who have been aided and abetted by our own governmen.

8/28/11, 6:05 PM  

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