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Friday, September 30, 2011

Alabama and D.C. Dealing With Illegal Immigration

Kenneth Wallis, Contributing Author: Out of several million illegal aliens in the US, less than 3,000 were arrested. This raid, called "Operation Cross Check" was a small fraction of even the illegal aliens who have committed violent crimes and looks more like a PR stunt than a real effort to stop illegal immigration. Over 500,000 illegal aliens are fugitive criminals, but that doesn't include unsolved cases. It's also hard to find out the illegal aliens who committed violent crimes before entering the US. The thing to ask yourself is why did you not hear about the crimes committed by these illegal aliens when they happened? How many times did you turn on the local news and see a crime, but never heard of the immigration status of the criminal?

A story of what we need in Arkansas. It has a leftist with the sob story about rotting vegetables in fields, but fails to mention the percentage of farms that actually use illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are less than 5% of the US workforce and are not a majority in any industry. Businesses will have to either hire legally, or make way for the majority of businesses that do. You may also notice that illegal alien crime was never mentioned. The previous story mentions that among the illegal aliens arrested in Cross Check was a 39 year old man residing in Tuscaloosa, Ala., from Mexico, convicted of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance and chemical endangerment of a child and is an at-large criminal alien. Whatever bad side effects from Alabama's immigration reform will be far outweighted by the benefits.
Kenneth Wallis is an Arkansas activists advocating for transparent and limited government. He has also written, lobbied and organized about the issues related to illegal immigration for over five years.  The above story was first posted on the Little Rock Immigration Examiner

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