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Friday, November 11, 2011

Congress Must Get Serious About Immigration Enforcement

Political leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives have been influenced by outside consultants into preventing H.R. 2885, the Legal Workforce Act, from receiving a floor vote in the House this fall. Their reasoning behind doing this is to keep Congress focused on restoring jobs, yet the Legal Workforce Act will open up nearly 7 million jobs for unemployed Americans and legal residents!

Your Congressional Representative cannot let this continue. The Legal Workforce Act represents the strong enforcement-based immigration policy that a majority of Americans have demanded for years, while also creating more job opportunities, the top issue facing the country today. Congress has a responsibility to give this outstanding bill the proper attention it deserves, without the political posturing that will keep it from advancing further. Send this critical message to your U.S. House Representative today, urging him/her to do more to protect vulnerable American workers from cheap illegal labor. Below is a suggested message or use the Free Fax service at This is a completely free -- There is no cost to you.

Dear (Rep -- Your U.S. House Member), Please support H.R. 2885, the Legal Workforce Act, so that jobless Americans and legal immigrants can fill those jobs currently held by illegal workers.

This legislation, in addition to requiring employers to run new hires through the E-Verify system, would gently move illegal aliens out of U.S. jobs. Over time, the 7 million illegal aliens in non-agricultural jobs would be replaced by unemployed Americans and legal immigrants. While not solving America's unemployment problem, H.R. 2885 would certainly lessen its severity.
This legislation is able to coax out these illegal workers by requiring the Social Security Administration to send out "no match" letters to employers if the name and Social Security number of a current employee do not match. The employer is required to run "no match" employees through the E-Verify system to determine if they are eligible to work in the United States. Clearly, this is an easy and effective way of putting unemployed Americans and legal immigrants in jobs currently held by illegal aliens.

Please support H.R. 2885, the Legal Workforce Act, and help Americans get back to work and help employers stay on the right side of the law.
(Your Name)

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Anonymous Ruby Schmid said...

Congress is dragging their feet. The borders should have been closed a long time ago. And Mexico wants us to let their trucks in. Man what a mess. We need to stop listening to the UN.

11/12/11, 5:29 PM  

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