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Friday, November 18, 2011

Majority Voters Oppose Automatic Citizenship for Children Born to Illegal Immigrants

Rasmussen Reports: Voters oppose more strongly than ever granting automatic U.S. citizenship to a child born to an illegal immigrant in this country.

Now, nearly two-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (65%) say if a woman enters the United States as an illegal alien and gives birth to a child here, that child should not automatically become a U.S. citizen. . . . [Full Report]

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Anonymous Dick Henderson said...

hen why in the hell does the anchor baby Mitt Romney have such high numbers? just curious.

11/19/11, 9:02 PM  
Anonymous Patrick L. Booth said...

Do you know of any legislation or legislators who have embraced this idea or who have written legislation to end anchor babies? It isn't just Latinos who take advantage but they are by far the largest percentage. If we actually had a congress and president who'd require law enforcement as written, our southern borders would have been closed years ago.

11/19/11, 9:03 PM  
Blogger Bill Smith said...

Blogs for Borders: Arkansas Republican Congressmen Co-Sponsor Bill Stopping "Anchor Babies

11/19/11, 9:06 PM  
Anonymous Ron James said...

WOW, only 65%!

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil. -- Thomas Mann

11/20/11, 2:05 PM  

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