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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newt Gingrich Surprises GOP Debate Audience with Stance on Immigration

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Read: by Ross1948 - "AmNewtsty – Gingrich Offers Not a Choice But an Echo"
This morning night I was watching late ABC news and was sad to see Newt Gingrich showing sympathy with crimmigrants. I watched him yesterday telling the world that the longer a law-breaker has gotten away with his or her law-breaking, the more we should indulge their crimes. What a peculiar outlook this candidate has!

Sounds like he’s not so much a Newt but a RINO.

There are an estimated ten – twelve million illegal aliens in the USA, all of whose presence is an affront to the many honest men and women who have applied to migrate to America and are waiting, maybe have been waiting, for years to turn their aspiration into reality. The crimmigrants are contemptible queue-jumpers, no better than the so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ here in Australia, and most decent Americans want the illegals deported. Not Gingrich.

He said that if they’d managed to dodge justice for ‘years and years,’ it would be ‘inhumane’ to catch them now and kick them out! His ‘humanity-gap’ remains undefined, however. Is it ten years? Twenty? Five? Seven and a half? Will he apply this new concept of equality under the law to other serious offences, like bank robbery or rape, with gangsters and sex offenders who have striven successfully to keep out of police hands for similar periods of time coming forward gleefully to claim their Newt-Amnesty?

He invoked Americans’ respect for the institution of the family to justify his pro-crimmigrant call – an irrelevant and irrational argument, for if he’s referring to either spouses or children of a captured crimmigrant, as we must assume he is, then in what way is meting out justice deleterious to their relationship? If their crim gets deported, they are not being held in America against their will – they can follow him home to where he belongs. . . .

Also Read Rush Limbuagh's Comments in this below report by Amy Woods -- "Rush Limbaugh: Gingrich Comments Allowing Illegals Will Haunt Him""
Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s statement that he would allow some longtime illegal immigrants to stay in the United States will haunt the former House speaker during the primaries, Rush Limbaugh says.

During the GOP debate Tuesday night, Gingrich said the United States should not automatically deport those living in the country illegally if they have established families and been here for 20 or 25 years. He acknowledged that that could allow millions of illegals to stay.

“Just because someone is here 25 years does not mean that they have assimilated into our society,” Limbaugh said on his radio show today. “They could be rabble-rousing for La Raza out there for 24 of the 25 years.”

Limbauch questioned how Gingrich’s policy would play out.

“How exactly would this work?” he asked. “What if somebody’s been here not 25 years but 22? What is the test here to determine that they have assimilated into our distinct American culture?”
Gingrich’s surprising remarks turned the issue into a big attack target for the Republican front-runner, Limbaugh said.

“This is a bold proposal, there’s no question, but it was snuck in there,” he said. “The way he threw it out there as full-fledged policy, okay, that means we can shoot at it.”

Any policy on illegal immigration must include securing the border, he said.

“You have to build popular support to secure the border first,” he said. “That remains the sieve. That remains the ongoing problem.”

Limbaugh said Gingrich cleverly failed to use the term amnesty when revealing his policy because “he knows if you grant amnesty, amnesty is citizenship.

“So Newt can say today, as he is saying, my program’s not amnesty,” he said. “Therefore, these people are not going to become automatic Democrat voters.”

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